Day One: The Human Knot

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Bwog spent thirteen hours at Orientation yesterday. Here’s some of what we found. (Hey Housing! We love you very much, wanna let us move in early?)

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  1. JJ 14

    Those flood and trash pics are 14th floor, actually.

    The mess is gone! Hallelujah!

  2. Anonymous  

    what classes should I take, bwog?

  3. Advising Dean

    Uh, I think you should read the bulletin..because I have no idea.

    • Carolyn  (Bwog Staff)

      Advisors get a bad rap, but some of them are helpful. Forrealz. I never actually met my advisor until this summer, and she's fantastic. I wish I'd gone to see her earlier.
      My favorite teacher from high school also gave me some good advice. (She knew Political Science would have too much jargon for my taste. It's the SCIENCE of politics).
      Anyways, for every meh advisor, professor, person etc., there are five fantastic ones.

  4. Not enough minerals

    I need some info, SEAS or CC, what majors do you want, what do you want to do after school

  5. Anonymous  

    fuck yeah, jj8

  6. former JJ8er

    wasn't always the classiest, but damn i miss that floor

  7. CC'14  

    Are there bathrooms in the academic buildings, or do I need to hold it in until I get back to Carman?
    Also, how much am I supposed to tip at John Jay?

  8. JJ 14  

    That puddle at 4 PM isn't JJ 13.

    It's our floor.

    And that shit was cleaned this morning and came back to life.


  9. JJ 14  

    And so is the trash.

  10. We require

    More vespene gas

  11. Anonymous  

    Who are those fabulous bitches on the 2nd picture!? HAWT.

  12. they all look...

    so young.

  13. Anonymous  

    The same couches and flowers that were used in the Manhattan Project!

  14. aw man

    why'd i have to graduate?

  15. Anonymous  

    Yeah, disgusting bathroom is jj14

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