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Several weeks ago Dylan Lonergan CC ’13, Legislative Assistant of the Senate Student Affairs Committee, compliled this ROTC Briefing as well as these ROTC Supplemental Materials.  They explain what ROTC is, its history with the school, and several ROTC systems at other institutions.  Produced on behalf of the SSAC, they are being distributed to student governments and any member of the university community who needs them. Helpful to peruse, we think, because of the recent DADT decision and renewed ROTC whispers on campus.

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  1. Anonymous  

    good work dylan!

  2. Anonymous

    Especially given the recent decision to let openly gay persons serve in the military, it would behoove Columbia to bring back ROTC. The best and brightest should be serving in our Officer Corps, and we know, given our new ranking of #4 by U.S. News and World Report, that Columbia would produce some real talent.

    • Anonymous

      "given the recent decision"
      which is being appealed. It ain't over yet.

      • This is true

        But it will be over soon. It just has to work its way through all the political bureaucracy.

        • Anonymous

          Hahaha. Soon? It has to wind its way through the federal appeals system. You mean years.
          And if you're looking for a direct repeal, you're gonna have to get Republican votes in the Senate.

      • I suspect

        that some people-- probably yourself included-- will always try to find a reason to oppose military recruitment on campus. This wasn't the reason why military recruitment was banned here, and I very highly doubt that it is really the reason why the impulse to oppose it is still so strong. You're proving my understanding correct at this moment, and I expect you to prove me right when the day comes that you'll no longer have this grievance at all. If you want to respond differently on that day, be my guest. It'll be better for everyone.

    • And so  

      the mission of working the U.S. World and News Report ranking into every Bwog article begins.

    • but  

      do we really want a bunch of book-smart hipsters joining the army? i think i'd prefer ROTC to stay off campus and find real men and women.

      • CU ROTC advocate

        @but "do we really want a bunch of book-smart hipsters joining the army? i think i’d prefer ROTC to stay off campus and find real men and women."

        Yes we do, at least the Army does. From 2009 Army Capstone Concept (p 48):

        "Future Army forces require lifelong learners who are creative and critical thinkers with highly refined problem solving skills and the ability to process and transform data and information rapidly and accurately into usable knowledge, across a wide range of subjects, to develop strategic thinkers capable of applying operational art to the strategic requirements of national policy."

  3. PVT Swallows

    Uncle Sam Finally wants YOU!!! I can see the next military recruitment video now... Ever want to learn to throw a punch, instead of a sissy slap, or want to know what lays in your future beyond the young soldier you'll be in?? Well think what the Marines could do for you! On top of receiving matching outfits, you'll be afforded the daily opportunity to shower naked amongst other men, we'll even teach you gun control during your nine weeks of Shoe Camp! Enlist Today!

  4. Anonymous

    Lmao that's some funny satire, "shoe camp" hehe, definitley world news report rank #4joke material.

    To the thumbs down people get a sense of humor, ligthen up if it was on snl you'd be laughing

  5. CU ROTC advocate

    The key date of the DADT repeal is still Dec 1, when the DoD report on DADT is scheduled for release. All indications are that DoD will recommend DADT repeal. Legislative and executive action will follow that report.

    The court case on DADT is dramatic, but it only amounts to an interesting distraction (and judicial overreach into legislative and executive territory). When the real change on DADT runs its course, the court case should be moot by the new year.

  6. Michael Segal

    Some of the information in the documents is wrong and contradictory. For example, one says Yale gives course credit and another says it does not. Also, Yale now has a cross-town Army ROTC opportunity at the University of New Haven.

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