Bwoglines: Submission Edition

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Bow to your (dreamy) sensei!

A Med School researcher says that while prescription rates for antidepressants are rising, fewer Americans are seeking psychotherapy. (BusinessWeek)

In a meeting of the top two teams in the AFC East, the New England Patriots defeated the New York Jets by a lopsided score of 45-3. (WSJ)

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder and global supervillain, was taken into custody by London police this morning to face sex charges in Sweden. (NYT)

An NYPD officer testified yesterday in the case of a Wall Street worker who claims he was sodomized by a policeman with a baton in 2004. (NYP)

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  1. Social Experiment Hunter  

    can I haves yo passwordzzzzz. preeeaazee?

  2. Uggs hater  

    What the FUCK bwog. take that picture down.

  3. Sports...on Bwog

    Who the hell goes to the Wall Street Journal for Sports Analysis?

  4. Wes Welker  

    Tom Brady is God

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