Breaking: Columbia Professor Charged With Incest

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Columbia's second Daily News cover of the week

Just when you thought the scandal had died down, NY Daily News is reporting that David Epstein, a professor in the Political Science Department has been charged of a ‘sexual relationship with a female relative.’

Epstein has a silver nugget on CULPA, and has received glowing reviews from past students, although these are all over five years old. He was teaching two courses this semester, ‘Scope and Methods,’ ‘Game Theory and Political Theory’ as well as a dissertation seminar, and was scheduled to teach a course on ‘Game Theory, Strategy, and Law’ in the Spring. Currently one student is enrolled in this course.

According to the News, Robert Hornsby, the University’s top spokesman, commented that Epstein is currently on leave and not teaching students. According to Epstein’s CV, he has been an advisor to undergrads in the Poli Sci major since 2004. If you’ve ever taken a class with Epstein, please email us at

Update, 8:50: NYPD told Spec that the relative was his daughter, who is 24. A tipster informs us that Epstein’s wife, works across the hall from Epstein and was speaking to a private investigator in or near her office yesterday.

Update, 9:05: A student of Epstein’s has informed Bwog that Epstein was “a very nice guy,” who had prominently displayed “pictures drawn by his children” in his office.

Here’s a video of Epstein debating on Obama’s economic policies at Columbia last November. Epstein comes in at about 1:48.

Update, 9:15: Robert Hornsby replied to Bwog’s request for comment with the following: “While we cannot comment on matters within the criminal justice system, we can confirm that the faculty member is now on administrative leave and will not be teaching students.”

Epstein’s wife, multiple sources confirm, is Sharyn O’Halloran, also a PoliSci professor. Her full title is George Blumenthal Professor of Political Economics and Professor of International and Public Affairs, and according to her CV, and Wikipedia, is a big deal. She has co-authored several books with Epstein.

Update, 9:33: Spec just posted a response from Matthew Galluzzo, Epstein’s defense lawyer:
“David is a respected member of the Columbia University and national academic communities and we think he deserves privacy and respect while the investigators are investigating. We are asking people to remember that these allegations are nothing more than allegations… We’re asking his friends in the Columbia community to support him and give him the benefit of the doubt.” They also report that he “confirmed that Epstein is not in custody anymore—he was released, and no trial date has yet been set”

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  1. CC '13 Girl  


    • Anonymous

      At least he didn't fuck four of his daughters with three of his sons

        • Anonymous  

          It's interesting that both 'anonymous 1' and 'anonymous 2' (maybe it is the same person) posted links to rabbis; There are countless other people who do the same; Catholic clergymen, anyone?

          • Hi Friend  

            There's this clicky-clicky called "Track" that's on the same line as the commenter's name, if you're concerned about nefarious commenting. Indeed, you are correct; both of the above links were posted by the same "Anonymous," who never claimed to be different people. S/he did not self-identify as "Anonymous 1" and "Anonymous 2."

            It's interesting that your comment might be interpreted by some as an insinuation that the previous commenter harbors anti-Semitic tendencies due to the fact that both of the father-daughter incest cases s/he cited were Rabbis.

            You are right; there are indeed countless fathers who sexually abuse their daughters. Unfortunately for your argument, Catholic Fathers (priests) are not likely to be among that group due to the fact that they are, with an infinitesimal number of exceptions made for married High-Episcopalian priests whose congregations want to join with the Catholic Church, required to be celibate, i.e. not marry, i.e. not beget children. Yup, there are a lot of sexual abuse and child molestation cases involving Catholic priests.

            But, see, clerical sexual abuse isn't what we're talking about. What connects those two Rabbis to each other, and to Professor Epstein, has nothing to do with their faith or their profession. It's that they all fucked their daughters.

          • hmmm

            A "Catholic clergyman" usually refers to a deacon, a priest, or a bishop. Bishops, priests, and deacons don't have children... undivided love towards Christ... clerical such they cannot fuck their children. Although, if a married minister from some other denomination converts to Catholicism and afterwords is ordained he could potentially have children, thus he could potentially fuck them. However, this is not very common. Of course they could bang nieces and nephews, but i mean that just not glamorous enough for media whores. So while "Catholic clergy" make the news for fucking other peoples children, statistically it is more difficult for a them to commit incest. Your problem with the posts about the rabbis reflects your ignorance of religious institutions more than any bias of the person that posted them.

  2. Wow  

    I'm pretty sure "don't fuck your relatives" is in the employee handbook

  3. Anonymous  

    are you kidding me!!!!

  4. Anonymous  

    don't hate the playa, hate the game

  5. okay for real  

    someone is out to get columbia right now.

    bwog, get on this!!

  6. seriously  

    this is f*cked up


    Are you kidding me?!

    When it rains, it goddamn pours.

    I'm sending out 10 resumes a week advertising the fact that I apparently got a B.A. at Cocaine & Inappropriate Sex U (when the reality of it has been so much duller).

    I miss when we were merely known as the "Wall Street" ivy. Yknow, Four goddamn days ago!


      we ARE still the wall street ivy you godamnned ignorant fuck. the number of guys from SEAS go are going off to prop firms and goldman sachs this year is out of fucking control.

      wheres my bonus bitches.

    • wow

      wow get over yourself. as if employers are going to look at your resume and be all "OMG! I SAW BAD NEWS ABOUT SOME PEOPLE AT COLUMBIA! LET'S NOT HIRE THIS PERSON!"

      you're so stupid. if you don't get hired, that's probably why.

      • Anonymous

        I think that was supposed to be funny, but I guess you can crap all over someone's attempt at a joke if you really feel the need to. Man, Columbia students are SO tightly wound.

    • Hmm  

      Well, considering drug-dealers, members of incestual relationships, and rapists or perpetrators of sexual assault all attend this (and every other) university without getting caught by the police...

  8. will  

    will columbia decrease in rankings because of all this shit?

  9. spec says  

    his daughter. ugh. ugh. ew.

  10. i hope not  

    cuz then i'd be damn pissed

  11. on the bright side  

    the students in his classes won't have to take that final. lucky bastards.

  12. Incest  

    It's all relative

  13. ewww  

    i just vomited all the LSD out of my mouth

  14. ok but seriously  

    the media is out to get my gpa. real talk.

  15. Anonymous  

    oh goddammit.

  16. EWWWW  

    He had a silver nugget on CULPA! This is too much ughhh

  17. Emma Watson  

    Never mind I'm fine at Brown

  18. C5  

    Don't forget about us...

  19. Newest Culpa Review  

    Fath---, I mean Prof. Epstein is a greaaat Professor. He really taught me a lot about myself, and allowed me to experience things I never dreamed of. He is very creative, and his use of props made the learning more stimulating. His sessions are not too short, and not too long---just lengthy enough that he can comfortably fit his material inside. The first one was a little painful, but I eventually molded myself to his style. I had never seen this side of him before his newest lessons, and I'd recommend him to my friends. My older sister took his course and suggested him to me. He deserves a gold nugget and is truly a "hole-in-one" teacher.

  20. Antoine Dodson  

    Hide yo kids!

  21. Harmony Hunter

    just woke up, what's going on?

  22. I rhink  

    I'll be joining you

  23. wow

    theyre climbin in yo window
    snatchin yo people up
    tryna arrest em so yall need to
    hide yo weed hide yo coke
    hide yo daughter too cuz they arrestin everyone out here

  24. Anonymous  


  25. epstein  

    was shitty as hell, he made every econ-polysci major's life complete hell. and guess what? he was FUCKING HIS DAUGHTER!

  26. Anonymous

    I was unaware that incest was illegal. Fucked up, yeah, but if they were both consenting adults, I don't see how this is any business of the state's.

    • Anonymous  

      Are you, by chance, from West Virginia?

      • Anonymous

        by golly you're right. you know what? let's also make it illegal for men to have sex with other men wile we're at it.

        • anon  

          Oh, yeah, because two men having a consensual sexual relationship with each other is totally comparable to father-daughter incest. Homophobic much? Think shit through before you let the pc bs you were fed in prep school get the best of you.

          • Anonymous

            my point is simply that society has no place in the bedroom of consenting adults.

          • gay@cu  

            i think everyone posting bull shit about this being a "consensual" relationship really needs to stop and ponder on what it means to give "consent" in a sexual relationship. can a grown-ass man give consent to another man in a respectful, loving relationship? absolutely. is this in any way comparable to a father having sex with his daughter? no matter what the dynamics here, the answer to that question is no. the idea that a daughter could "consent" to having sex with her father presupposes a very different social order than the one you dudes are living in right now.

          • Anonymous

            your naivete is absolutely adorable

          • Devil's Law Clerk  

            Don't get me wrong, I'm grossed out BEYOND reason by this (this girl both squeezed his thumb as an infant in the hospital and had him inside her while he climaxed years later) but you're projecting as much on the situation as people who think you were born with an untraced brain defect for liking other guys.

            "the idea that a male could “enjoy” having sex with another presupposes a very different moral/biological order than the one you live in" sounds like something out of a FOX news comment section.

          • gay@cu  

            oh, now i'm projecting? look up your pop psych on wikipedia before you whip it out, homeboy.
            the issue here is not one of a biological disposition, or one of "enjoyment", whatever that could possibly mean in a situation like this. the issue with parent/child incest is that a parent/child relationship is one with a very uneven power distribution. this is the same reason it is illegal for adults to engage in sexual acts with minors, but not for minors to engage in sexual acts with other minors. being homosexual means you love and are attracted to members of the same sex. having sex with your father has completely different implications and is a CATEGORICALLY different issue.

          • Anonymous

            Blinded by your own bigotry you know they used to say the same thing about homosexuals and interracial relationships

          • gay@cu  

            is that so? care to show me the source from which you are quoting "them"? because as far as i know, people weren't using theory on social capital to promote homophobia and racial bigotry "back then".

          • gay2@cu  

            i think Anonymous is referring to the categorical positioning of gay and interracial relationships as an 'other' and treating them as such (excusing bigotry and hatred because they weren't seen as 'normal'). and yes, even though we have fancy words these days like 'theory' and/or 'social capital', believe it or not, they pre-exist their usage. of course, we can return to the people who coined and worked on these terms, but then again, that supposes that they instituted these ideas into society. moral of the story: social capital existed before 'social capital,' even if that isn't what it was called that.

            and the matter of age in parent/child consent also matters. i think you're presupposing that the child is still a (young) child and possibly not an adult. i realize the follies of assuming consent comes with (or is given by) age, but the person-child could very well have given it. i know that we are raised several societies to think that incest is wrong for whatever reasons (personally, i don't love any of my relatives in this manner), but what if an adult child did give consent? i'm not saying that that was or is the case here, but what if a child wanted to have sex with his/her parent? just saying...

          • Ew.  

            Incest is incest. stop it. there's a reason why the babies come out with eleven faces and no anus. It's because incest ISN'T RIGHT... biology wouldn't fuck up the genes if it was A-OK.

      • Southern Student  

        Fuck you

    • Anonymous

      Incest laws vary across states. Father-daughter incest is legal in New Jersey, for example, but illegal in New York.

  27. Anonymous  

    If you give a fuck that some professor had a consensual relationship with his daughter then you obviously don't have a life. Bwog really shouldn't be scandalizing this either.

  28. Anonymous  

    you are also absolutely sick. regardless of his teaching style. he has be RAPING his DAUGHTER for years and you are defending him? question for you, do you have a conscience? just wondering, I doubt it, but if you have these warm feels toward a incestual serial rapist, you probably shouldn't be posting them on the internet. BURY THEM DEEP INSIDE!!!

  29. RealTalk  


  30. HAHAHAHA  


  31. Anonymous

    I'm not talking about rape kiddo, I'm talking consensual. Rape is rape, but the man wasn't charged with rape, he was charged with incest.

  32. Question

    Is the daughter getting charged with incest as well?

  33. Anonymous

    I guess it tastes better when its your own...

  34. facepalm.jpg  

    How does this...? I don't even...

  35. ...  



    DATE: 2009-12-09





  36. ...  

    How does Epstein come in at 1:48 when the video is only 1:33 long?

  37. come on guys  

    it's okay! we're still not duke.

    • Anonymous

      Yo, I know it was a few years ago, but living in RTP during the Duke lacrosse case was the most ridiculous thing ever. I don't think anything else was above the fold on the front page of our newspaper for at least 6 months

  38. boh  

    shit's going down yo

  39. Alum

    coles and perez out on bail...

  40. Jesus  

    Can we get things back to normal here? I remember when the highlight of my day was Hawkmadeinjad tearing a squirrel apart.

  41. too bad  

    that he didn't have a chance to teach Oedipus Rex

  42. NYPL 255.25 Incest.  

    A person is guilty of incest when he or she marries or engages in sexual intercourse, oral sexual conduct or anal sexual conduct with a person whom he or she knows to be related to him or her, either legitimately or out of wedlock, as an ancestor, descendant, brother or sister of either the whole or the half blood, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece.

    Incest is a class E felony.

  43. why  

    is incest wrong? aside from the genetic defects which arise in the cause of pregnancy, what harm can it bring, assuming the use of birth control?

    • Anonymous  

      Psychological harm.

    • Anonymous  

      also potential for abuse in parent-child /older-younger situations (if legalized)

    • surprisingly  

      you need to have many years of inbreeding to actually see genetic defects
      First, inbreeding does not directly lead to congenital birth defects per se; it leads to an increase in the frequency of homozygotes.[18] An increase in homozygotes has diverging effects. A homozygote encoding a congenital birth defect will produce children with birth defects, but homozygotes that do not encode for congenital birth defects will decrease the number of carriers in a population. The overall consequences of these diverging effects depends in part on the size of the population. In small populations, as long as children born with heritable birth defects die (or are killed) before they reproduce, the ultimate effect of inbreeding will be to decrease the frequency of defective genes in the population; over time the gene pool will be healthier. In larger populations, however, it is more likely that large numbers of carriers will survive and mate, leading to more constant rates of birth defects.[19]

      • Not necessarily true  

        If the family has a rare recessive trait that's harmful, you can see results in as little as one generation. Dawkins talks about this in The Selfish Gene. A lot of people have recessive, harmful genes that have stayed in the population by being very rare, and thus never meeting another recessive gene. If you have sex with a relative who shares half your genes, the chance of your children having that trait goes from 1 in a billion to 1 in 4.

    • why the downers?  

      People, please stop thumbs-downing people who are actually asking legitimate questions out of curiosity. If you disagree with their comment that much, please reply like other people have done.

      Does Bwog have a comment guidelines post? It feels necessary...

  44. alumnus

    NYS Penal Law

    S 255.25 Incest.
    A person is guilty of incest when he or she marries or engages in
    sexual intercourse or deviate sexual intercourse with a person whom he
    or she knows to be related to him or her, either legitimately or out of
    wedlock, as an ancestor, descendant, brother or sister of either the
    whole or the half blood, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece.
    Incest is a class E felony.

    S 70.00 Sentence of imprisonment for felony.
    (e) For a class E felony, the term shall be fixed by the court, and
    shall not exceed four years.

  45. Anonymous  

    I am President of Ae-Pi and doing my thesis under Professor David Epstein. It's been a rough couple of days...

  46. CC 10 Alum

    Wow, with all this crazy shit happening on campus, I imagine it's tough studying for finals, obtaining drugs, and now engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior.

  47. Damn

    Call the hell down, Columbia

    - Alum who should be studying for grad school finals not reading Bwog

  48. observant

    clearly the Sith are out to get Columbia this week. we should wait, and our enemy will reveal himself in time.

  49. hypocrites  

    oh, yeah, let's be sensitive to him during investigations. but when it comes to the drug allegations, those people don't deserve privacy or protection.

  50. Three possibilities

    1) The daughter has false memories:
    2) The daughter is a con-artist along the lines of Rachel Yould:
    3) The father is a sick motherfucker (daughterfucker)

  51. bwog...  

    dont you think your wasting too much time covering the professors-having-sexual intercourse-with-their-daughters and the students-buying-cocaine-from-guys-who-wanna-torture-and-kill-other-guys-and-then-selling-it-to-cops and not enough time covering the TAs-who-break-into-museums-to-suck-dinosaur-penises and the frontiers-professors-who-are-actually-Bill-O'reilly-in-diguise and the engineering-students-who-have-rigged-harmony-hall-to-rocket-propulsion-machinery-that-will-cause-it-to-lift-off-from-the-ground-and-land-in-the-middle-of-college-walk-thereby-making-it-relevant-housing and other such real and not at all absurd news stories?

  52. bc 10

    holy crap, i used to be proud barnard is affiliated with columbia. now i'm just ashamed.

    • anon  

      oh god. bwog can you just delete this comment for convenience's sake?

    • seriously  

      get out of her e
      no one wants you affiliated with us anyway
      what a dumb comment
      no one is proud of this

      • bc 10

        um...obviously no one is proud of this. did i say columbians were?
        oh and i'll be sure to tell my friends from columbia that the jig is up, i know they didn't want me to hang out with them the 4 years i spent at bc.

        • Anonymous  

          BC10, yes, you are allowed to express how you "honestly feel". However, your arguments are faulty.

          1. "Clearly it isn’t Columbia’s fault, but that doesn’t stop this from tainting the image of Columbia in people’s minds."
          Perhaps it will for a while, but isolated instances such as a professor involved in incest will not "taint the image of Columbia" as much as, or for as long as, you may think. Surely not enough for it to play any role in your job applications.

          2."are you not ashamed of the fact that this professor teaches at columbia?"
          Ashamed of the professor? Maybe. Ashamed of the university, as a whole, at which he happened to teach? No, of course not.

          3. "um…obviously no one is proud of this. did i say columbians were?"
          No, but I don't see Columbia students posting comments saying they wished they didn't attend Columbia, or anything of the sort.

          4. "oh and i’ll be sure to tell my friends from columbia that the jig is up, i know they didn’t want me to hang out with them the 4 years i spent at bc."

          • bc 10

            I'm not worried about job applications, and never said I was.
            2.I didn't say I was ashamed of the university as a whole. I am ashamed that he teaches at Columbia.
            3. I never said I wished Barnard wasn't affiliated with Columbia, nor did I say I wished I hadn't gone to Barnard.
            4. That was in response to another comment.

    • BC'12

      bc 10, I'm ashamed of you, honestly. Doesn't Barnard get bashed enough in Bwog comment threads? Why would post something you *knew* would lead us down this idiotic road again? And if you didn't know, by God, I'm ashamed that you managed to graduate from Barnard without getting some common sense.

      • bc 10

        I posted something because it's how I honestly felt, and the fact that there are trolls/people who hate Barnard shouldn't quiet me. Just because my opinion *may* lead people to express their opinions, which you may or may not agree with, doesn't mean I shouldn't express my opinion. I'm sorry it bothers you.

      • BC '13  

        I second this motion. Don't make us all sound ignorant just because you are. The actions of a few individuals aren't indicative of the larger group--or do you think all Muslims were involved in 9/11?

        • BC '13  

          anddd I just realized I made a huge logical error in that argument. Please ignore.

        • bc 10

          What am I ignorant of precisely? And where exactly did I say that "the actions of a few individuals are indicative of the larger group" in any of my comments? I never said that since the professor allegedly committed incest that the Columbia community as a whole is incestuous. I'm not a moron; clearly I don't believe that all Muslims were involved in 9/11 and to insinuate otherwise is extremely insulting.

          • BC '13  

            The reasoning behind the ignorant comment should be ignored because I was making exactly the mistake you did--thinking the actions of an individual should be applied to the group as a whole. Really, what you're doing is reinforcing the negative stereotype that some Columbia students (and maybe some Barnard students, who knows) have of Barnard students. You're not helping your cause by being belligerent and posting tons of comments.

            But you did imply that the actions of the few who were arrested this week reflect on the greater Columbia community by saying that you're ashamed to be affiliated. The Muslim comment was just applying your reasoning to a different situation. You're ignorant of the consequences of your actions since you seem to think that you are being perfectly reasonable. You're not. You're just as bad as the trolls on here (and maybe you are one). Please do just do us a favor, and stop commenting.

          • bc 10

            I don't see how responding to people commenting on my comments is being belligerent, but I'm sorry you feel that way. It kind of depresses me that since there are trolls who hate Barnard, people feel I shouldn't express my opinions because the trolls will respond.

          • bc '14  

            ^ Troll. Or I hope to God so.

            Can I just request that anyone who reads these comments to not imitate her attitude and use it to generalize the rest of BC students?

          • i'm a female columbia student, barnard fan  

            but i hope i never meet you in real life.

          • Anonymous

            seriously. you can't possibly be this dumb.

    • ihfihf

      what a dumb bitch. seriously. Barnard and Columbia have a relationship that is meant to make more resources available to both schools involved. we share the benefits, which means we should share struggles as well. The five students who were arrested are our peers, and are a part of OUR student Body. This Prof could have been your prof too. I don't care if next week we find out that someone is prostituting themselves in the stacks, I would still be proud to be affiliated with this school. I'd still be proud to be a part of Barnard/Columbia

      so just stfu.

    • BC '11  

      OMG SHUT UP. you just had to lead us down this rabbit hole, didn't you?


    • Anonymous

      yeah, I'm sure you'll be the first person to petition barnard to NOT give you all Columbia degrees despite being accepted to a school with a 26% acceptance rate. ashamed, my ass.

  53. Colombian Riddler  

    Hey Professor Epstein. Whats the probability that youre FUCKED UP

  54. Anonymous  

    eroticization of incest? foucault? lol.

  55. non-CU onlooker

    @bc 10 -Well, ever since co-ed education became the norm, columbia has been ashamed that barnard is affiliated with columbia, so seems fair to me that you're feeling the sting, though these scandals will pass and be of little consequence to columbia while barnard will never not be embarrassing.

    • bc 10

      i'd dare say that the people who are ashamed that barnard is affiliated with columbia are either people like you, who have nothing to do with columbia, or people who are really not self-confident so they feel the need to denigrate barnard to feel better about themselves. additionally, the type of shame that i feel is far different from the type of shame columbians supposedly feel about barnard.

    • Anonymous

      how can you know anything about the relationship between barnard and columbia if you don't go here? barnard students are practically fully integrated in columbia university education and campus life. hate on campus only exists because of insecure first years.

      • non-CU onlooker

        Riddle me this then, if, as you suggest, Barnard is "practically fully integrated" into Columbia what is the point of Barnard's existence other than being a back-door entrance to columbia? I'm personally completely against single-sex education as I feel that relative to "the real world" college is a pretty safe environment and if you can't deal with real world diversity in a classroom you really won't fair well in job setting, and I can't think of a better environment in which to figure out how to do so than college. That fact notwithstanding, from what you said, for all practical purposes Barnard is integrated into Columbia, therefore, Barnard fails to provide whatever benefits single-sex education purports to confer. So I ask again, other than keeping a very strong, vocal, powerful alumnae base happy, what purpose does Barnard serve that couldn't be better achieved by it going the way of Radcliffe, Pembroke, etc?

        And as for the basis of my original claim, one does not have to attend an institution to have friends who do, that's how I can know something about the relationship between Barnard and Columbia.

        • Anonymous  

          If you are against single-sex education, then don't attend a single-sex institution. Additionally, many classes are "integrated" between the sexes. I, for one, would argue that "real world" experience in college does not come from the gender of the other students in your classes, but in one's independence in their life as a whole. As such, attending college in New York City, not an isolated campus in the middle of nowhere, is what really gives us real world experience.

          Single-sex education allows for the development of young women, and men, into strong and independent individuals with something to offer to the world. I am not saying co-ed institutions do not. But do not judge my decision to go to a single-sex school that is affiliated with a co-ed school (that I am NOT ashamed of) and I won't judge your decision to comment on the blog of a school you don't even go to.

  56. prof. Epstein  

    So, you have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins... That's not right, is it?

  57. Chauvinistic Pig  

    It's the girl's fault.

  58. Anonymous  

    You reply is awesome!

  59. Anonymous

    Dear Bwog,

    Most news sources have a policy of not releasing identities of sexual assault victims, in order to protect them. Presumably that's why the victim was semi-anonymized as a "female relative" in the Daily News. (Saying that she is the daughter and listing the names of both of her parents is equivalent to revealing her identity.)

    Perhaps you should consider this policy too.

  60. Anonymous  

    is his daughter hot?

  61. Anonymous  

    obvious troll is obvious.

  62. PICS


  63. Anonymous  

    Hey titties are titties, amiright?

  64. CSI

    Political Science, huh? I find the a field...
    *puts on shades*
    ...a little incestuous.

  65. i would like

    to take this time to thank eliza and the whole bwog team. it must have been busy for you guys these couple of days.

    on the other his daughter hot?! this is crucial information.

  66. dont listen to that girl  

    please i'm barnard and i'm ashamed of her word don't wanna see ppl arguing abt this weird affiliation relationship ever again why do u even care

  67. Anonymous  

    What does it mean when a comment is gray rather than black?

  68. Anonymous  

    i feel so bad for his wife. imagine that your husband is cheating on you with the daughter you raised together? and her daughter obviously betrayed her too, meaning she has lost the two people she's probably closest to.

    not to mention the fact that she's been surrounded by messed up people and now she has to somehow grapple with thinking about her husband and daughter having sex.

  69. Anonymous  

    daughter got a name?

  70. what are the penalties?  

    what are the penalties for this felony? any jail time? min/max?

  71. unrelated  

    nacoms and sachems; do you know any of the members?

  72. Que ridicula es esa "bc10"  

    Oh please estupida...I bet you still have on your facebook that you are a Columbia Uni. have no pride for your own school and probably lasted your four years here arguing with CC and SEAS on how Barnard is \equal' to us. Now that this drama is going on you want to show up some pride for your school? Way to stand up ridicula!

    • bc 10

      Actually, no, I never participated in discussions about how Barnard is equal to CC/SEAS/GS. My network on facebook is Columbia, true, but in my info I only have Barnard. Feel free to take up the issue of why Barnard doesn't have its own network with Facebook. I for one would welcome our own network, although it of course raises the issue of joining groups that a Barnard student may be a part of that are in the Columbia network. I do have pride for Barnard, but thanks for randomly assuming that I don't. Also, why are you quasi-insulting me in Spanish?

    • bc 10

      Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm in grad school now, so Columbia isn't even my main network.

  73. Anonymous  

    sex, how about some rock n' roll?

  74. Anonymous  

    I wonder who will be granted custody of the kids in divorce court...

  75. Wein Casanova  


  76. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

    We're deleting sexist and lewd comments on this post, again, in an attempt to keep things quasi-civil on this blog due the volume and gravity of the news that's broken this week. If you have concerns, please contact These are a very few comments out over hundreds and hundreds on our combined coverage of Operation Ivy League and Epstein's case.

  77. CC'10

    Dear Barnard,
    Please change your facebook network to Barnard College, since that's the name of your school.
    Columbia College

    • bc 10

      Gladly, if Facebook had a Barnard network. Please feel free to take it up with Facebook administrators.

    • the real deal  

      I do go to columbia and I am ashamed to be affiliated with people who misinterpret a school as validation of one's own pretension. Don't put too much value in experiences that are fleeting and public perception that is arbitrary. Columbia is not the context of your existence, but an institution for the advancement of knowledge, and yes I will grant we have one of the finest faculties in the world and some students with great creative and/or intellectual potential, but still that doesn't mean you are entitled to status, praise, or vindication by going here, but just the privilege to study under and potentially flourish among minds who have actually shown their worth to the world. Being a mere epsilon at such a place is fact to be humbled by, not one to indulge in. Lastly let me throw myself to the wolves and say most Barnard girls I know have a degree of social intelligence that many male and female students at columbia lack...Bullying over college affiliations and perceived significances at 1 am on an internet blog doesn't help your case.

      • CC'10

        It's not bullying. I'm just pointing out that BC girls use facebook to pretend like they go to Columbia.
        Most of the Barnard friends I have on FB list Columbia as their network as well as their college. Since they no longer have a email address, they list their gmail account. There is absolutely no indicator that they attended Barnard College.
        Obviously BC is an OK school, and if I went there, I wouldn't pretend to go to Columbia and I wouldn't tell people I go to Columbia (including job interviewers, family friends, etc.). Oh, and I would also wear BC clothes instead of being all decked out in Columbia logoed clothes ALL THE TIME.

  78. Daria  

    I keep reading that Daily News headline as "Sick Sad Teach" with the tune of "Sick Sad World."

  79. oh my god  

    bc 10. go. home.

  80. hmm

    You should have been ashamed that you didn't have enough integrity to refrain from imputing to yourself an honor that you failed to earn. I think that's the main reason why people responded so negatively to your otherwise benign though silly comment. The fact that you want to announce to everyone that you're \disowning\ something that was never yours to claim is hubris on top of hubris.

    • bc 10

      I presume this comment was directed at me.
      I never said I was "disowning" Columbia, nor did I ever claim to "own" it. I merely said I was ashamed that barnard is affiliated.

      • yeah...

        I don't see the difference in your distinction. What you were proud of before was the implication by use of the term "affiliated" that you were a student at a different, more prestigious school-- a title, meaningful or not, that you didn't earn.

        • bc 10

          No. I never said that. You decided to read into what I said and presume that's what I meant.

          • hmm

            That's what it implied to me, and I didn't try to read into it. You definitely didn't mean that you were proud because it's affiliated in the sense that it's also on 116th street, or also near the Hudson River, or also near Tom's Diner. It isn't the biggest outrage in the world, though.

          • bc 10

            Read into it what you will, but I never said -nor meant- that I was a student at Columbia. I was a student at Barnard, an institution which is affiliated with Columbia. I think that's something everyone can agree on.

          • bc '14  

            for the love of god, please shut up. Whyyyyy must we always go there.....

          • Anonymous  

            why are you on bwog??? don't you have a life of some sort now that you graduated? responding to a couple of posts is one thing, but this is just ridiculous... even harmony hunter, the king of all trolls, never posted this much.

  81. Alum

    How the hell does a thread like this become about Columbia/Barnard bullshit. A professor got arrested for incest with his daughter and 5 of your classmates got arrested for drug dealing... Is this really the most important issue right now?

  82. alumnus

    Sobering: according to Professor Epstein's website, he has a 10 yo daughter and twin 6 yo daughters with Professor O'Halloran.

  83. Hold a  

    sec! I'm getting *MAJOR* gay vibes from him in that YouTube clip!! Listen to the effeminate affectations in his voice. Look at those hand gestures. There's NO WAY he's smushin' women. If he is, he's probably severely closeted and screwing his daughter to publicly affirm his "heterosexuality." But ugh! Why on earth would anyone want to tap that?!

  84. why wont my comments post?  


  85. why wont my comments post?  


  86. Van Owen

    We all need to show a little more tolerance. If a father and his daughter can't have sex, then what is the purpose of having children? I thought this was a liberal institution! Let's show a little more tolerance Columbia! OK, seriously, that's some sick shit. Was she cute at least?

  87. Obama  

    He sure is going to deliver the commencement speech now

  88. Conspiracy

    Has anyone considered the possibility that these arrests are all coming at the same time not out of coincidence but design? The NYPD might be targeting Columbia specifically for an unknown political offense Columbia might have authored. God knows this school has stepped on many toes before.

  89. 24, eh?  

    There could be some serious potential...

  90. Anonymous  

    wow, any member of the public that stumbles upon bwog's top headlines this week must be wondering what the hell kind of racket columbia is running. either that, or what's being piped into our water.

  91. Anonymous  

    how out-of-this-world coincidental is it that i'm writing a paper on oedipus rex tonight for lit hum, just as this broke?

  92. Anonymous

    There's a movie, can't remember the title, in which a barnard English professor (played by woody Allen) hooks up with his student

  93. CC

    Would it be wrong to point out how good Orgo Night and Varsity Show are gonna be this year?

  94. BC 10  

    got a steaming hot dump taken on her. i smelt it all the way from the drug sting thread.

  95. Anonymous

    Consider it all just kind of a lithum exam preview: ""The next morning the older daughter said to her younger sister, 'I slept with our father last night. Let’s get him drunk with wine again tonight, and you go in and sleep with him. That way our family line will be preserved.' "

  96. Recent Alum

    What the fuck is going on at this school?

    Who are you? I don't even know you anymore.

  97. I bet you those kids  

    who got their acceptance letter yesterday are like "What the fuck was I thinking"

    Good thing i'm right about to graduate. Who's with me?

  98. Cc11

    Has the daughter's picture been published? I wonder what she looks like

  99. Epstein  

    We're no strangers to love
    You know the rules and so do I

  100. Anonymous  

    “The Division of Student Affairs has issued an interim suspension of the Columbia University Departments of Economics and Political Sciences faculty. The suspension of these organizations is the result of the NYPD’s arrest of Andrew Epstein for fucking his daughter.
    According to Columbia’s Faculty Code of Conduct, an entire department can be suspended if determined “necessary to promote the best interest” of the department and the University. Given the severity of the alleged behavior, we believe these interim suspensions are in the best interest of our community at this time. The named department has been instructed to cease all activities, including and not limited to instruction, research, and fucking members of their families. We have notified David Epstein’s extended family and have warned them to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife.”
    The Division of Faculty Conducts will initiate an internal review of the department and the West 120th street apartment, where the alleged behavior also took place. We plan to work closely with faculty leaders, the scholarly community (including national organizations) to assess the scope of the problem and what reforms may be necessary to address these issues. We envision the involvement of students, administrators, and other members of our campus community in these conversations. Josef Fritzl, Columbia’s incest and autoerotic asphyxiation liason, will oversee this review.
    We remain most concerned about the health and welfare of our faculty and will utilize this review process as an opportunity to further educate professors about their decisions and how they impact our community and our Oedipus/Elektra complexes. In the meantime, information about Columbia’s daughter-fucking policies may be found in Essential Policies for the Columbia Community. Student advisers and Health Services remain resources for professors seeking more information or support.
    As part of our review, we are also committed to exploring the role of incest and taboo sexual practices on campus. We look forward to working with professors to ensure all recognized departments provide their faculty with enough sexual exploits so that they do not engage in inter-family intercourse.
    We recognize there will be a number of questions regarding the anticipated duration of the suspension, the review process, potential outcomes, and numerous other factors. While we are not yet in a position to answer these questions, please know we are committed to conducting a timely and thorough review.”

  101. Speak Truth to Power

    It's payback for opposing naming the 59th St Bridge after Ed Koch.

  102. anonymous  

    I'm willing to bet that there's more undiscovered incest going on at Columbia than we think.

  103. ummm  

    is there an update?

  104. ihfihf

    bc 10. aren't you going to fucking grad school? why the fuck are you on bwog?

    gtfo PLEASE.

  105. Anonymous

    And yet here you are half way through the comments.

  106. ray

    in nearest future, the young lady involved will claimed sexual abused by her father...that her father drugged her???? Thats she's innocent!!! really??? This people are messed up in the head. Who knows how many fathers.,.. doing this horribel thing to their own very blood..."his daughter"... Sodom and Gomorrah sins is not gross like this.

  107. ray

    How on earth did a father have sexual feeling for his own blood daughter???? This is not a joking matter, seriuosly!!! How on earth did a daughter have sexual feeling for her father???? Something horrible is happening in America!!! Where i came from...both of them will be stoned to death or burned alive!!! To serve as a lesson and deterrent to others. It's a TABOO!!!

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