Visiting Scholar Ivo Sanader Arrested

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Ivo Sanader

This has not been the best week for Columbia’s public relations. Now it gets worse. Ivo Sanader, former Prime Minister of Croatia and current visiting scholar at Columbia’s Harriman Institute, was arrested in Austria¬†on Friday, and remains in custody pending extradition. Sanader is suspected of conspiring to commit crimes and abuse of office by the Croatian Office for Suppression of Organized Crime and Corruption.

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  1. Sassy Gay Friend

    Columbia University. What, what, what are you doing?!

  2. Rather

    have him doing that than fukin his daugher/sellin drugs

  3. Jeebuz

    While it's only fair to state that obviously any dirt on Columbia will come out at relatively the same time (so it's all forgotten at the same time), damn, son. When it rains, it pours.

  4. That's it  

    I'm transferring to Colombia University in Bogota. At the very least, there'd be fewer drug rings and far less crime.

  5. Anonymous  

    what is a visiting scholar? does he teach any classes here?

  6. Fyi

    The article states that he was arrested in Austria, which makes a lot of sense due to it's much greater proximity to Croatia...

  7. I take it...  

    this is a bad week for me to commit suicide

  8. Roko  

    It's hard out there for a Croat. :|

  9. Anonymous  

    Do they teach ethics here?? Oh, sorry, I forgot, CC teaches people how to justify abuses. Robert Moses took CC didnt he???

  10. it's bad, but not that bad  

    Does this really reflect badly on Columbia? A former Eastern European president is being accused of political corruption by a later administration's corruption watchdog body. It's just politics (whether or not he's actually guilty.) If his only relation to Columbia is that he happens to currently be teaching a class here as a temporary "political guy from far away" then I wouldn't be too concerned. The drug bust (Columbia undergrads going to jail) and the Epstein case (INCEST!!!) are much bigger deals.

  11. Roko  

    Hey Bwog - Croatian media asked the Harriman institute and they commented briefly that he's no longer affiliated with them after he was placed on Interpol's wanted list this Friday, so he's no longer a "current" visiting scholar.

    He never actually was a scholar, he was supposed to join the Harriman Institute this fall. He was supposed to lecture about fighting corruption lolz

  12. Good  

    We're going up in class, at least.

    From incest and cocaine to political abuse of office. Say what you want but we're classing up this joint.

    Anybody want to bet on what's coming next? Espionage? We need a spy.

  13. Anonymous  

    Bad things come in threes. hopefully this is the last one and we can make it through finals without incident. I can't afford to keep checking bwog that often if more shit goes down.

  14. Anonymous  

    atta boy columbia, keep it up

  15. Karma is a bitch  

    We shouldn't have banned four loko. Now, we gotta suffer the consequences.

  16. jaja  

    My presence in this school negates any bad news. You people are lucky you have me.

  17. What do you call it

    if you are paid to sneak unapproved Croatian literature into the Columbia curriculum?


  18. jaja  

    Go in some dark corner and die.

  19. Matrix  

    I can tell from his face that he is evil. He looks like a bond villain. How did Columbia let this man in?

  20. Hey,

    I thought we already had a spy... sort of.
    This is an excellent addition to our repertoire of illegal activities. that Columbia has three alumni heads of state, runs drug rings, is expanding into upper Manhattan, AND can siphon state funds from emerging Eastern European countries like Croatia, we are well on our way to world domination.

    Next I suggest we invest in killer spy-sharks...

  21. death  

    Q:What's that?
    A:Oh thats the sound of our US news ranking plummeting.
    Q:No that other noise.
    A:Oh thats the other ivy leaguers laughing.

    • Anonymous  

      Q: What's that?
      A: Oh, that's the sound of a grade-chaser whining for no good reason.
      Q: No that other noise.
      A: Oh, that's the Columbia admissions committee weeping that they let another dumbass slide through.

  22. seriously  

    though, what did t his guy actually do? it sounds like nothing

  23. It's The Bat Signal!  

    Columbia University in the City of Gotham

  24. alumnus

    Meh. Not that interesting. CC/SEAS undergrads who are campus personalities selling drugs out of their dorms and frats and consorting with dangerous drug suppliers and a famous professor, married to another famous professor, committing years of incest with his daughter (with younger daughters at home) are a lot more salacious.

  25. look on the bright side, guys...  

    the negativity we're getting from each successive story is increasing at a decreasing rate. Pretty soon we'll cross over into the 'negative bad' region of the graph. At this rate by next week someone will win a nobel prize or find a cure for cancer or something.

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