University Senate Creates ROTC Task Force

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That was fast! The Student Affairs Committee of the University Senate has just announced that it will form a task force on ROTC starting in the spring semester in light of yesterday’s DADT repeal.

Next semester, the task force will hold open hearings on Columbia’s military engagement and conduct a survey on ROTC. The Senate states that their top priority is that “the student voice is heard. Thus, this will be a student-driven, not a faculty-dominated, process.”

Student Affairs Committee of the Columbia University Senate Forms Task Force on Military Engagement

NEW YORK, December 20, 2010 — The Student Affairs Committee of the Columbia University Senate announced today the formation of a Task Force on Military Engagement in light of the U.S. Congress’s recent repeal of 10 U.S.C. § 654 (commonly termed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”).

The Student Affairs Committee is the mandated body to lead the discussion on the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The Student Affairs Committee will govern the task force and continue the Senate’s work in handling issues affecting Columbia University students and the military. One of the major military issues affecting students is whether or not the University should formally participate in a Reserve Officers Training Corps program.

During the spring semester, the Task Force on Military Engagement will:

  • Hold University Senate hearings open to the University community.
  • Conduct a survey with respect to Reserve Officers Training Corps.
  • Serve as a resource by providing fact-based information about the issues involved.

Dates for the public events will be announced by the beginning of the spring term. Tao Tan, CC ’07, MBA ’11, chair of the Student Affairs Committee announced the appointment of Ron Mazor, CC ’09, Law ’12, as chair of the Task Force. Other members of the Task Force are drawn from across the Student Affairs Committee and include both undergraduate and graduate students.

“The Senate’s top priority is that the student voice is heard. Ron is deeply familiar with the culture and academic environment at Columbia, particularly its undergraduate programs. We are fully confident he will use this, along with his knowledge of law and procedure, in a way that uphold fairness of process, and that best represents the student body,” Tan said.

Since the fall semester, the Student Affairs Committee’s governing principles with respect to examining military engagement are:

  • Our top priority is that the student voice is heard. Thus, this will be a student-driven, not a faculty-dominated process.
  • We will take no action until and unless “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is repealed legislatively or judicially.
  • We will take no position on Reserve Officers Training Corps at present, until and unless student body opinion is gauged.

For further information about the Task Force on Military Engagement, or to provide feedback, please contact the Task Force at

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  1. bwog never sleeps  

    nice, you guys just scooped Spec!

  2. OMG

    Go to fucking sleep bwog. IT's finals week.

  3. Woah!  

    Good job, but Bwog, your bullets look funny.

  4. so like

    I was taking a shit when a group of losers started playing guitar and singing in the bathroom. Invasion of privacy? I heard females too.

  5. America needs ROTC at Columbia

    Starting an ROTC program at Columbia will be a special opportunity to draw on university and city resources to create an innovative ROTC program that's state-of-the-art.

  6. What a bad mood this has put me in!  

    "Our top priority is that the student voice is heard."

    The indicative mood, that is.

  7. Bwog

    did you get sleep last night before your final exam today??

  8. Hamilton Society testimonials

    Generational letters on ROTC from Columbia graduates who have served in the military:

  9. good

    luck on your finals today Bwoggers. You managed to continue to put together Bwog while you were writing papers, and studying for finals. You kept all of the rest of us very happy.

  10. muwahahaha  

    "Tao Tan, CC ’07, MBA ’11"
    "Ron Mazor, CC ’09, Law ’12"

    CC is in control

    • das racialist

      right, because former CC students repping grad schools in the USenate are going to put the needs of current undergrads over the needs of their own schools (meaning their own needs)...

      trust me, they'll keep CC's needs in mind more than someone who did their undergrad at middlebury or chicago, but CC is hardly "in control".

  11. no...  

    The Philolexian Society is in control.

  12. Do I have to be the first

    to suggest that, even beyond DADT, the army is an unjust institution because its current use is to propagate American hegemony where it doesn't belong? I'm pretty sick of the idea that joining the army is a public service. Think of what you're joining and then decide if you want to murder for nothing. Then, you want to join the army--God's speed, douchebag!

    • ...

      Considering that we are still in the middle of two illegal goddamn wars I agree. War and deadly force can never be justified for the aggressor and considering that we account for over 40% of the world's military expenditure (more than the next 15 countries combined) it can hardly be said we maintain a standing army for defensive purposes.

      We should continue to make a statement against the militaristic mentality of our nation by opposing ROTC.

  13. Good, good  

    Now that DADT is gone, we can turn our attention to the true anti-military radicals coming out of the woodwork.

  14. anti prepackaged liberal activist pedagogy

    'Do I have to be the first' -- a little naive there. Do you think the military makes the decisions to deploy around the globe on contingencies? -- many of which, by the way, are humanitarian. The military does not have a mind of its own. Your entire point is moot. Just admit that you have a deep rooted problem with masculinity.

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