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The Northwest Corner Building needs a new name. Seriously (“this location of Joe will also soon offer beer and wine”), we can’t just wait around for somebody to donate enough money to change it – we need to take action. So Bwog calls upon you, brave readers, to generate a witticism of the highest order and leave it in the comments! We’ll put the best ones in our poll and then you will have played a part in making something a thing.

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  1. Anonymous  

    charlie and the great glass elevator

  2. The N.W.C.  

    Because it's where Niggaz Wit Class go.

  3. CUJo  

    now that's simple

  4. Science facility  

    Cause there's a Physics lab connected to it


    Now, all we have to do is BC rush Princeton and we win.

  5. how about  

    NoCo. It's like SoHo, but different.

  6. Joe Mama  

    the AC (big ass Air Conditioner)

  7. Anonymous

    The Cheesegrater

  8. Anonymous  

    The ACU, as in Air Conditioning Unit

  9. I got a name  

    We can call it "proof this school has too much money"

    or wait, wait, why not: "why financial aid isn't better" Or maybe that can be the name for the top 8 stories that.

    I swear I'm not bitter, NoCo sounds cool.

  10. Anonymous  

    Do we seriously need more buildings that only have coffee shops in them (as far as food/beverages go)? I mean, coffee is nice and all, but when my ass is hungry, I want FOOD OPTIONS on campus. And I don't just mean a scone or something.

  11. i think  

    the vag needs a friend on campus - plus i really want to call something "the peen."

  12. MYL  

    The Terrarium

    You know, where you can see all the engineers in their natural habitat.

  13. Anonymous  

    the panopticon.

  14. Anonymous

    "Mission Accomplished"

  15. The ID  

    as in freud's id... for Interdisciplinary science. Or the ID or ID Building as in CU ID

  16. A concerned citizen in McBain 5  

    ehm....let's see.
    inary building

    ........et voila!
    It's okay But and Vadge, you've got company.

  17. Maybe  

    Just "NewScience" one word, simple straight forward.

    if not, I am going to second NIP as mentioned from above.

  18. hmm  

    Dear non-science/engineering majors,
    Please don't come to science/engineering library. Go to library of your major or Butler. We don't want to wait in line to use kick-ass win7 computers because of you guys.

  19. Anonymous  

    Stephan Vincenzo Hall

  20. chael

    David Epstein Center in honor of professor David Epstein

  21. Anonymous  

    the Airvent. that's always what i think of when i pass by.

  22. Anonymous  



  23. Anonymous

    there's a geology major?

  24. Nip/nipl  

    I will call it "the nip" or "niple" (pronounced nipple...)

    so vote up on those.

  25. Indy  

    The Temple of Doom

  26. anonymous  

    the Antiobservatory

  27. emma watson

    why can't we just call it the Ministry of Magic?

  28. anonymous  

    someone did pay money to name it. everyone knows this building was made possible by a generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Northwest Corner

  29. Obama  

    You could name it after me. Maybe then I'd come to your damn graduation.

  30. Dear Bwog  

    Uris 2, because that's exactly what the building will be in 10 years. At least its not as putrid as the Diana Center

  31. Anonymous  

    the should call it ricky's

  32. ...  

    the leonard c bollinger center for kids who can't times good and wanna do other stuff good too.

  33. Anonymous

    The Dodge Fitness Center Tower

  34. Anonymous  

    NoSci. To go with FroSci.

  35. Anonymous

    Office Max.

    I thought when it was finished it would look less like a giant advertisement for staples and other assorted metal office-ware, but alas...I was wrong.

  36. Anonymous  

    The iron grid.

  37. i think  

    the iron maiden

  38. i got it  

    The When We Used Eminent Domain to Seize Land for Our Private Institution, We Built a Huge Building On The Last Vacant Lot On Campus So That We Didn't Look Greedy Memorial Tower

  39. idea  

    (Giant Laboratory And Science Skyscraper)

    "where's that new science class?"
    "Oh, it's in Glass"
    "Great, I've always wanted to take a Glass Class! What does the building look like?"
    "It's made of glass."
    "Fantastic! That's so easy to remember!"

  40. Rusty Shackleford  

    Place That Needs A Slide

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