Objects In Flier Are More Ridiculous Than They Appear

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Tutors can help you with everything, from fractions to calculus and beyond, even that thing they call “frontiers of science.” For real, it’s not poetry (Fact: this video was actually played in the Frontiers lecture “lecture” last week.)

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  1. sean udell  

    barry? someone call and ask him to speak at commencement!

  2. Wait,  

    this is STILL not more ridiculous than Frontiers of Science.

  3. Don't get it

    What's so funny about this ad? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    I've had Barry as a tutor. He's a short, bearded man who wears colorful button-downs. He's helpful but only if you do the work. He's not going to inject understanding of complex topics into your head for you.

    Also, is

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