Bwoglines: Cue Controversy Edition

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People are talking about things. Using these.

Steve Jobs released a second version of the iPad yesterday. Other tablets cower. The highlights: two cameras (front/back), FaceTime, up to 9 times faster, and a 10-hour battery life. Plus, just in time for Spring Break, it’s now 33 percent thinner! (WSJ, Apple, Gizmodo, PC World)

In a Supreme Court battle between funeral protesters and a father who had to endure their bearing of “America is Doomed” and “God Hates Fags” signs at his son’s funeral, the ruling went to the former—the First Amendment protects such protests.  (NYT)

French prosecutors have decided that former Dior designer John Galliano—following his widely publicized anti-Semitic remarks—will be put on trial, and faces possible prison time. His apology yesterday seems to have been too little, too late. (NYMag)

Apparently ROTC is talking about us, tooDNA Info reports that they have no plans to establish a program at Columbia, even if we decide to host one. (DNA Info)

The Northwestern campus is teeming with controversy about a demonstration in a Human Sexuality class last week. Said demo involved a non-student being penetrated by a sex toy on stage. The Professor who arranged it released a statement saying, “Student feedback for this event (I routinely feedback collect for all events) was uniformly positive.” We feel very one-upped. (The Daily Northwestern)

Speaking of other colleges, Columbia might be following NYU to Shanghai, perhaps with Cornell also in tow. If this means soup dumplings instead of John Jay mystery burgers, we are so in. (NYU News)

Bonus item: something not controversial at all is happening! Levain Bakery opened a Harlem location yesterday. For those who don’t know the gravity of this statement, here are a few descriptive sentence fragments about the LB cookies: giant, undercooked in the middle in the best possible way, so delicious that sources have reported offering to trade family members to bakery staffers for “just one bite,” the best $4 you will ever spend… (Spectator)

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  1. OHHH

    That's where you insert your penis!

  2. Anonymous

    Army Cadet Command, BWOG, not ROTC as a whole. There are actually two other branches of ROTC (Navy and Air Force) that have not said anything on the matter.

  3. Anonymous  

    yay levain! Although when you take into account the steep climb back to campus through morningside park, the 72 st location is probably still more convenient.

    • Anonymous

      if you want to avoid that you can always walk up to 125, go across and walk back down. Or cross at 110. Kind of circuitous but at least you don't have to go through the park

  4. Woah  

    woah woah. Let's not drag John Jay's burgers through the mud here. They're the best thing about that place.

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