Is Bwog For You?

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Did you ever wake up and realize you were really angry that day?

Did you tell your friends you were mad as you poked angrily at your pseudo caesar salad in John Jay?

Did you decide to indirectly take it out on a meeting announcement for the blog you write for?

Did you find yourself instead going through every Sunday’s meeting announcements and realize you’re not just angry today–you’re angry EVERY Sunday?

Bwog helped me realize I have a problem with Sundays. How can it help you?

Find out tonight at our meeting,  7 pm in Lerner in the SGO.

Bwog. Because we care.

Somewhat arbitrary penguins via Wikimedia Commons.



  1. Anonymous  

    ur so witty sambutt

  2. Since you chose a penguin pic...  

    ...I might as well bring attention to the penguins (and other wildlife) on Nightingale Island that are dying from an oil spill that occurred a few weeks ago:

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