Kipp-Giusti, VP Policy on UniteCU ticket, Drops Out of Race

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The Election Board just announced that Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti, UniteCU’s VP Policy candidate, dropped out of the campaign. According to Spec, UniteCU will continue to run as a four-person party without EKG. Recently, Green Umbrella, the sustainability group on which she serves as a board member, endorsed BetterCU. Kipp-Giusti cites “personal reasons” for her resignation. Bwog genuinely wishes her the best.

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  1. Anonymous  

    awwwww :(
    why vote for uniteCU anymore :(((

  2. CCSC  

    This is a horrible mistake. :|

  3. Love  

    how Bwog even calls Elizabeth EKG. EKG fo lyfe!

    Seriously, what a loss. She would have been such a great VP Policy.

  4. ccsc

    a huge loss for us, I just hope she says on as sustainability/awesome/most bootyliciuos rep who also gets things done.

  5. Anonymous  

    Sad to see EKG go. :( She was easily the strongest member of UniteCU.

    But if Green Umbrella endorses Better Columbia, you can be sure that's a pretty strong sign of confidence in that party to deliver on sustainability. Props to BetterCU.

    • I promise I'm not an Eboard Candidate  

      Can we not campaign right now during what is clearly a tough time for everyone?

      • Anonymous  

        not an eboard candidate as well, my apologies for talking about the race. i was simply looking at it from a sustainability standpoint, which is one of EKG's biggest passions (and what I think she'd be thinking about even now in terms of her resignation)

  6. she

    s really cool. so is all the rest of hte ticket.
    i hope UniteCU still wins

  7. Anonymous  

    “I’m most satisfied about the fact that even if my ticket is not elected, my presence here has made the issue of sustainability something to be talked about,” said Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti, CC ’12, current CU Green Umbrella board member and candidate for Unite CU.

  8. Anonymous  

    Awwww I was stuck between Unite CU and CU Charge, and EKG was the one person swaying me towards Unite CU, and now that she's not on it, Im definitely going with CU Charge

  9. torn electorate  

    for someone who didnt know whether to choose between cu charge and unite cu...this really forces my hand

  10. why

    is culpa down??? this is the worst time

  11. Anonymous

    Since we can't elect her VP, maybe Prezbo will make her queen.

  12. I mean  

    she is nice and all, but I really don't get the hype about this woman

  13. Anonymous  

    I guess I was going to vote for UniteCU because of her, but now I'm definitely voting for Better Columbia. It's the only other ticket that actually has strong policies and a decisive voice. I think that's much more important than likability. Not to say that BetterCU doesn't have likable people. Barry's really nice, as is Steele. Anyway, Better CU is the obvious choice!

  14. overheard  

    andrew from unitecu still campaigning on the steps today. kinda tugged at my heart strings. admirable, no?

  15. Noggery  

    WHOA! Game changer!

  16. Former CCSC member

    This is very irresponsible of her. It'd be one thing if she were running for a position on her own and backed out; however, FOUR other people have spent months working on this campaign. If she felt that she could not carry out the duties of the position, then that tells me that she is not a very mature/rational person. She never should have put those four other people in the situation that are in now.

    Had her party won the election, she could have resigned and allowed for the position to be filled along the proper channels. However, she was a coward and afraid that she may lose and couldn't face that rejection. When she enters the real world next year I have a feeling she will be eating a big ol' slide of humble pie.

    Bottom line - If you make a commitment such as running on an E-Board ticket, it is wholly irresponsible to quite the day of the election. Very sad and unfortunate situation for all involved. My heart really goes out to those four remaining members of the ticket that they have found themselves in such a predicament.

    • Anonymous

      True.. she made a sham of the whole process. There was no reason for her to think she was going to lose. If she truly believed in her cause, she should have proceeded and fought for sustainability . Now her words are shallow. Her integrity will be questioned. Her resolve to follow through with a project will be doubted. If the going gets tough.. just quit. Elizabeth herself said that democracy can not be tied up in a package. I guess she did not like how her package was wrapped. Very sad and disrespectful of everyone who spent time and energy to put together their tickets...not just UniteCU. I wish all three tickets well and congratulate them all on their thought- provoking and passionate campaigns. ( I am not affiliated with any E-Board ticket.)

      • Inspired  

        I am inspired that she made an unpopular decision. She clearly had reasons that only she knows, and she was brave enough to act on them. How many of us look at the big picture and would even consider relinquishing power and dropping out of an election after putting so much into it? To diminish the sacrifice she made to a selfish one seems to be an inversion of reality.

    • ZACA  

      Sounds like there are a couple of pretty big assumptions you two are making; you should try to avoid that in the future. You don't know her, and you definitely don't know what her reasons were for pulling out of the race. Good try though...

    • people  

      take this shit way too seriously

  17. Anonymous

    regardless of her reasoning, personal or whatever, it was selfish to bow out at this stage of the game. as said before, she should have left her name on the ballot instead of causing controversy and hurting the legitimacy of the rest of the ticket. Had she won, she could've vacated the office. No matter what, there is no excuse for what she did. People can pamper her all they want just because she's your friend or some awesome person doesn't excuse the fact that she just screwed over 4 people...

    • Ummmm  

      So you're recommending that she let voters vote for her knowing she has no intention of actually being the VP Policy? By doing what she did, I don't think she ruined her ticket's legitimacy; I'm sure Unite CU would still appoint a new VP Policy if they won since it's an important position, so the voter now is voting for 4 people and 1 unknown candidate rather than 5 people including 1 who they think would fill the job but actually wouldn't.

      I would have been angrier if she did what you recommend.

  18. Anonymous

    What she should have done was her research ahead of time and some serious soul searching to see if she is really cut out for an exec board position... BEFORE she COMMITTED to run. Obviously, that did not happen. Get over it. .. nothing horrid happened or we would have heard about it. Perhaps, the scrutiny was too tough and overtook her ability to lead and make sound judgements. So sad . .. such potential. This rash decision ( at the literal 11th hour) was not the act of a committed leader as some are portraying her to be. I hope BWOG delete these comments soon because it is making her into a hero. In the real world... she would have a pink slip sitting on her desk within hours after such a betrayal of her comrades.

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