SGA: D-Spar Pays a Visit

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These two made a song called "Stress"

Zoe Camp reports from SGA, whose special guest was the one and only D-Spar. She sparkled:

  • With the Middle States Accreditation Process over, the college’s next big task is Strategic Planning. President Spar has sent out an email to all current faculty inviting them to a pow-wow of sorts to chart the future course of the college and determine how best to get alums to give back to the college. Spar mentioned her hopes for collaborators to “think big” in terms of this process. She also engaged SGA in a lively discussion of what they considered to be Barnard’s “it” factors. Answers included: the college’s ability to produce women leaders, its networking offerings, and the diversity and passion among students.
  • Members expressed a desire to increase discussion and interaction between students in the same major—such as planning more icebreakers and social events—to create a sense of academic unity among peers. Then the all-too-familiar issue of stress came up. One member spoke of the tendency among students to consistently pile on additional work, jobs, and internships. In response, another proposed a possible cure to this overachieving snowball-effect of doom: encouraging professors, staff and fellow students to check up on each other and spread the Barnard love. Another proposed that Well Woman do a more intensive campaign dealing with mental health issues.

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    No information about new activities being recognized?

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    Yeah a Barnard blog was officially recognized, why didn't you guys report on it?

  3. If you...

    ..have time to go to well-woman, they're obviously not stressed out enough. When I'm falling asleep while writing papers, my first thought isn't exactly to "go to well-woman and waste time so I sleep even less"

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    Maybe you're stressing out about this a little too much if you don't even have time to make sure your pronouns are consistent.

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