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Alma Has an LDAP Entry Too

Many of us are aware of the Columbia Directory, which gives that strange grad student you met at 1020 last night the ability to look up which undergraduate dorm room you live in or allows potential employers to find out that you’re not actually an anthroposophy major. What you might not realize is that this Columbia Directory, combined with another public LDAP directory, also maintained by Columbia, allows for a lot of information investigation.

If you log in and query Columbia’s LDAP directory, you can view a striking amount of information about yourself—for example, departmental affiliations, electronic permissions, all the classes you’ve ever taken, possibly the ID number encoded into your student card, and more. We’ve built a tool for you to check this out yourself:

Look Yourself Up

(this link and most of the rest in this post open in a fancy lightbox container)

But even without being logged in, there’s an awful lot of public information available. (Ever wonder how the ListServ hoodlums spammed the whole university?) We’ve decided to similarly look at everybody’s directory entry, but instead use it for your curiosity and compile a few goofy statistics. We’d also like to take this time to remind you now that it’s never too late to remove yourself from the directory.

Most Popular CC Majors (and most common names in that major)

  1. 1279 None
    (most common name is Andrew)
  2. 539 Economics
    (most common name is Michael)
  3. 331 Biological Sciences
    (most common name is Sarah)
  4. 305 Political Science
    (most common name is Alexander)
  5. 263 History
    (most common name is Michael)
  6. 213 English & Comparative Literature
    (most common name is Rebecca)
  7. 171 Psychology
    (most common name is Megan)
  8. 117 Anthropology
    (most common name is Sarah)
  9. 99 Philosophy
    (most common name is Adam)
  10. 99 Mathematics
    (most common name is Alexander)

See more majors and names…

Most Popular First Names

  1. 886 Michael
  2. 783 David
  3. 616 John
  4. 542 Elizabeth
  5. 536 Daniel
  6. 528 Robert
  7. 527 Jennifer
  8. 455 Sarah
  9. 431 James
  10. 420 Matthew

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Most Popular Positions

  1. 37613 Student
  2. 7540 Professor
  3. 2643 Assistant
  4. 2075 Fellow
  5. 1888 Scientist
  6. 1419 Coordinator
  7. 1387 Lecturer
  8. 1068 Director
  9. 955 Clinical
  10. 946 Retiree

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Most Popular Schools

  1. 4338 Columbia College
  2. 4147 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  3. 3064 School of Continuing Education
  4. 2656 Graduate School of Business
  5. 2047 School of General Studies
  6. 1859 School of Law
  7. 1618 Fu Foundatn Schl of Engineering & Applied Science:Grad
  8. 1414 Fu Foundatn Schl of Engineering & Applied Science:Ugrad
  9. 1405 School of International and Public Affairs
  10. 1195 College of Physicians and Surgeons: Medicine

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Most Popular Email Domains

  1. 60203
  2. 2539
  3. 2432
  4. 249
  5. 174
  6. 89
  7. 82
  8. 72
  9. 41
  10. 36

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Most Popular UNI Suffixes

  1. 1
  2. 2102
  3. 2103
  4. 2104
  5. 2101
  6. 2105
  7. 2106
  8. 2107
  9. 2108
  10. 2109

See more…

Other stats include most popular SEAS majors, precise position rank (as opposed to fuzzy, which simply collapses titles that match a Walt Whitman list), and bizarre UNIs. Columbia also publishes its own statistics. If you’re a data nerd and want to play with the stats and raw data yourself, here are some technical instructions. Let us know what you find in the comments.

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  1. alum

    Umm, is that link safe? (i.e. submitting our UNI and password to a page?

  2. Senior Math Major  

    There are seriously 5 or 6 alex math majors in my year alone. It's actually kinda creepy.

  3. Rebecca  

    is such an English major name

  4. sick  

    there are three people with just the first name "W."

    • Waxima Perez

      Lots of people decide to go by different names for lots of different reasons. My parents named me Waxima. It means ‘lavender blossom’ in our language, but I was teased so much in elementary school that I started going by ‘W’. When I got to college, some of my peers in Comparative Literature and French sneered at me for what they perceived to be an unapologetic homage to Georges Perec’s W, ou le souvenir d’enfance. I’m now a professor of Food Studies at Columbia (see to read about me), and to this day I still insist that my colleagues call me W. Don’t ask why a professor would be spending time on Bwog; I have my reasons.

  5. Yeah  

    I'm an English major.

    -- Rebecca

  6. Anonymous  

    final remarks!!!!!!!!

  7. lulz

    Cuits gonna love this

  8. Wasn't working before but now,  

    it's fixed on Safari.

  9. Scott

    is such an Italian major name! They must have at least one Scott in the department.

  10. Jilted Religion Major  

    No info on how many of us there are? It's a small number, but I'd love to know.

  11. Waldorf Graduate  

    Steiner reference on Bwog!! Very cool.

  12. anonymous

    this doesn't list all the majors...

  13. "look yourself up"  

    how'd you know that that song from the big lebowski was stuck in my head?!

  14. more weird unis


  15. is there some sort of meaning  

    in our uni suffixes? why do so many people share them?

  16. Anonymous  

    I like the Britney Spears reference in the headline.

  17. Curious  

    What's the major breakdown for SEAS?

  18. hm

    Interestingly, 37613 students and 7540 professors is a pretty good ratio: about 5 students to each prof

  19. Kenny Rogers  

    Hey Bwog,
    I dropped by earlier, but I couldn't find what condition my condition was in. Can you fix this?

  20. I want to know  

    who holds the title of "Able-bodied Seaperson".

    • Anonymous  

      don't forget about the ordinary seaperson.

    • Anonymous  

      it's pretty awesome that columbia has a maritime division

      cn: George G. Cereno
      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades NY
      title: Able-Bodied Seaperson
      uni: ggc2111

      cn: Gordon M Baxter
      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont -Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades N
      title: Able-Bodied Seaperson
      uni: gmb2119

      cn: Inocencio B Rimando
      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades NY
      title: Able-Bodied Seaperson
      uni: ibr2107

      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      cn: Jeromiel J. Webster
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades NY
      title: Ordinary Seaperson
      uni: jjw2144

      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      cn: Leoncio R. Martires
      postalAddress: Maritime Div LDEO$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Mail Code: 6
      title: Ordinary Seaperson
      uni: lrm2152

      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      cn: Marcus B Nadler
      postalAddress: Maritimr Division$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades NY
      title: Ordinary Seaperson
      uni: mbn2110

      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      cn: Nicky R Applewhite
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont-Doherty Observation$Palisade NY 10964$
      title: Ordinary Seaperson
      uni: nra2107

      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      cn: Petronio S Paragas
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades NY
      title: Able-Bodied Seaperson
      uni: psp2119

      cn: Ricardo M Redito
      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades NY
      title: Able-bodied Seaperson
      uni: rmr2143

      cn: Salvador O Oboza
      ou: Maritime Div Ldeo
      postalAddress: Maritime Division$Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory$Palisades NY
      title: Able-Bodied Seaperson
      uni: soo2102

  21. question  

    my info is withheld from the regular columbia directory, but not from this! how do i get myself removed from the more specific one?

  22. Anonymous  

    Where's Neuroscience? That major has been growing in popularity. Is it counting towards Bio or Psych totals?

  23. Anonymous  

    Why do I get this error when I try to do the LDAP search?

    ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Local error (-2)

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