Bwoglines: Long Awaited Edition

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He's waited a while for this.

Yesterday, Yale voted to restore ROTC, just days after Stanford voted to do the same. (YDN, Stanford Daily)

Famous playwright Tony Kushner, CC ’78, was slated to receive an honorary degree from CUNY, until one trustee objected and CUNY scrubbed his nomination. A lot of people cried foul, so now it looks like he’ll get a CUNY sheepskin after all! (NYT)

Forty years ago, a lawyer fresh out of law school filed a lawsuit against the NYPD. That lawsuit continues to be fought by the city. (City Room)

Looks like the battle between bloggers and traditional media is heating up! Yesterday, the Schools Chancellor had to break up a fight between a blogger and TV reporter at City Hall. (Daily Politics)

And don’t forget to check out the 24-hour Improv Show next to the Steps. The talented humorists of Fruit Paunch have now been performing for over 16 hours straight and will keep going until 5 pm!

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    I am probably going to continue to visit you long after I graduate. Sad but true, I can't get enough of you.

    Now post more Senior Wisdoms!!

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    When is the next senior wisdom? Are you posting over the weekend?

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