Columbia Drug Ring Has Cable TV Premiere

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With a plot ripped from the headlines, Monday’s episode of Weeds brought the hunky Hunter Parrish up to our Morningside Heights campus to confront the leader of a fictionalized Columbia drug ring. Though, the stock footage of campus appears to be outdated. Does anyone remember when exactly we had recycling bins like that?

But will the Moody-Adams scandal make HIMYM?


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  1. Did

    Hawkmadenijad have a cameo?

  2. Waaaaat  

    Was one of the hottest men ever up here and I didn't know?

  3. refuse connoisseur  

    yo those recycling bins are mad nice

  4. aaaand  

    such unkept lawns! definitely early 2000's columbia

  5. packrat  

    I found pictures in my archives dating from 2003 that have the current recycling bins. So this should be from before 2003.

  6. cc '11

    if you think THIS is bad, you should check out the most recent epsiode of weeds-- the combination of incredibly outdated stock footage (a 1-9 train is prominently featured... really????) and shooting on what is clearly a set is just pathetic! even gossip girl took the time to come....

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