The Very Hungry ATM

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Like a fuzzy caterpillar wrapping itself into a cocoon, Lerner’s Citibank outpost asked us to pardon its appearance for a few weeks this summer while it was busy becoming a butterfly. Our shiny new friend has finally emerged from behind those temporary walls and fluttered its wings for the first time. The butterfly/bank, featuring updated ATMs and more office space, is set to open today. 



Similarly, the Butler Ramp Saga seems to have decided on a happy ending, and a majestic granite Monarch has emerged from the unpopular and very slippery wooden shack of a chrysalis. 



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  1. Disregard women

    acquire currency

  2. Anonymous

    I really hope that those ATMs stay free for withdrawals, that's going to totally suck if they replaced the ATMs with ones that charge bank fees

  3. Anonymous

    I guess free for me, Charles schwab never charged me at those ATMs specifically

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