Orientation Photobwogging: Day One

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The triumphant shouts of eager RA’s echoed around the quad. The sun shined blissfully and the skies were clear. Today was move-in day made in heaven. Irene left hundreds of cancelled flights, blocked roads, and disrupted trips in her wake, so only some freshpeople made it to move-in. The NSOP committee expects the stragglers arrive over  the next few days, with a few finally trickling in on Saturday. This made for much less mayhem than we have come to expect from move-in day. Check out some of the highlights:

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  1. CC'11

    Why am I not there? :-(

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Anonymous  

    LMAO. Barnard Caption is hilarious. Only because of the random dude. :)

  4. Fitzgerald?

    Good, I was getting tired of mistakenly citing "Richard" Lattimore

  5. Anonymous

    I feel unusually strongly about the superiority of the Fitz Iliad to the Lattimore translation we had to read back in our day. KNOW THIS FRESHPEOPLE, YOUR LIVES ARE JUST A TINY BIT EASIER!

  6. Waxima Perez  

    On behalf of my fellow faculty in the Food Studies department, I would like to thank our colleagues at Barnard Dining for their superior spread today!

    As was announced in the updated academic bulletins all New Students received today during Move-In, the Core Curriculum has undergone several changes that apply to the class of 2015 as well as to future later classes. The semester-long Masterpieces of Western Food will be required for all students of the class of 2015 as well as for future classes. The modification of the standard Literature Humanities curriculum is meant to make room for the extra 2 points that Food Hum will consume of the students' schedules.

    As a visiting professor, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to the undergraduate community. My name is Waxima Perez, and I teach Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis. I invite any and all students to register for my classes which have not been posted on the online bulletin until today.

    The three classes I am teaching this semester are the following:

    1) Introduction to Viticulture and Enology
    2) Umami: Secrets of the Forgotten Taste
    3) Dairy Across Cultures: from Acidophilus to Rennett.

    I will also be cooperating with other professors in the Food Studies department on the synchronization of Food Hum sections and on the development of weekly lecture content.

    I'm so excited to be meet you all and hope this semester will be sweet.

    Waxima Perez

  7. barnard

    Barnard always has a superior spread...

  8. Anonymous

    BWOG, you are my snarky goddess. Nectar some time together?

  9. Anonymous  

    Wow that \Welcome to Barnard\ sign with the squigglies is probably the best sign I have ever seen in my entire life. Only geniuses could have created such gold.

  10. CC 2012

    I just looked at that "Welcoming Committee" picture--so warm and fuzzy and wonderful that I thought to myself, "Wow, I should really do that next year." Then, "I'M A SENIOR THERE IS NOT NEXT YEAR! SHIT!!!!"


  11. Anon

    wow, barnard is really good at spreading

  12. ...

    i would kill for a jew sippy cup

  13. it makes

    sense...barnard needs better snacks...once the students show up and realize how much better columbia is they may want to switch before its too late

  14. Anonymous

    Will Hughes managed to make an RA shirt sexy.

  15. Anonymous

    why do jews like to be separated? why go through their own orientation process? its bull

  16. Anonymous

    I so wish this was real. Can we bake souffles for our final exam?

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