1. This angers me.  

    Fuck you, Rite Aid.

  2. ...  

    nothing quite drives home that feeling of living in the epicenter of one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the world than realizing that the most interesting thing you have come across all day is a pricing error on the shelves at rite-aid.

    • ...  

      oops, i forgot a "more" in there. guess i was too distracted thinking about complex and important ideas, like how to position the college even more centrally within the faculty of arts and sciences.

    • Anonymous  

      It's a blog. It covers anything and everything of interest to Columbia students. Chill out, bro. Or if you don't like it, don't read it. I seem to remember reading pretty in-depth coverage on the College/Moody-Adams situation a few weeks ago when it happened by the way.

  3. Anonymous  

    And pretty in depth hawk coverage. And pretty in depth coverage of coverage. party schew fpartg gore

  4. word  

    This is not as good as the time "Poop Tarts" were on sale.

    Also, I've given up on my last 3 comments because the Captcha is just so infuriatingly unreadable.

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