DADT Officially Comes to an End

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Because of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010, gay and lesbian service members may now serve openly in the US armed forces. The repeal officially went into effect at 12:01 am this morning.

The legislation will allow the plans for a Columbia NROTC program, which PrezBo laid down last semester, to finally proceed. Bwog extends its best wishes to all members of the US military, regardless of sexual orientation.

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  1. very

    very gay of you bwog.

  2. Anonymous

    trans rights to serve?

  3. Anonymous

    congrats to gays for finally being allowed to execute brown people at the whim of the American Empire

  4. Can we please?  

    Be respectful of this they are people and deserve to be treated with as much respect as anyone esle! Be open minded of the fact that society is changing and willing to accept others for who they are. If they want to serve in the military they should be given an opportunity to do so.

  5. Anarch  

    The American military is a joke already, this just made it funnier. We cannot win our misbegotten wars on cultures with far inferior technology and our military has to advertise free goodies on TV. Look at pool we're drawing from. Garbage in, garbage out. America lacks the dignified masculinity found in military cultures anyway, in today's America man is either some brain-dead meat-head incapable of following orders or barely indistinguishable from a girl. Let's compare real military people with our military.

    These guys look like they're ready for business:

    These guys are either crying or nattering away on cell phones:

    I bet we really scare the bad guys.

  6. so-called brain-dead meat-head  

    Thanks for your support, Bwog. Some of have been rallying for this change for a while, and it's a proud day for our country.

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