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The controversial diner

Although CIRCA’s seats were empty, dinner was served last night in The Warwick Hotel to Ahmadinejad, about 100 university students, some professors, and UN leaders. Sources say that the evening had a light-hearted mood (despite a few walkouts), and that the President of Iran enjoyed himself. Some major points of the dinner and today’s address to the U.N. General Assembly:

  • UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) protested the dinner with bicycle billboards, automobile billboards, and flyers
  • Ahmadinejad emphasized that he believes a “minority” of protesters were killed in the 2009-2010 street protests, and advised against foreign intervention in Syria.
  • Ahmadinejad asked the U.N. for 20% enriched Uranium for Iran’s domestic consumption.
  • Ahmadinejad claimed that Iran is the “only nation” that can “offer a new model of life for the world.” He foresees a new movement in Iran that will be invulnerable to U.S. “hijacking”
  • Delegates from France, Germany, and the U.K. walked out during the delegation
At the end of the dinner guests were given hand-painted Iranian plates and  books on theology.


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  1. Anonymous

  2. LMFAO  

    Ahmadinnertime! xD

  3. CC'5  

    Don't use the plates! If anything, they're Iranian Fiestaware, painted with (the most delectable) yellowcake!!!

  4. ahahaha  

    Only a "minority" of protestors killed? Shit is real.

  5. Anonymous

    He is a true winner in this case because of the so much media coverage about him.

  6. Anonymous

    wonder what the theology books were

  7. Van Owen

    Bakala! Baakaala! Derka derka muhammad jihad!

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