Bwoglines: Little Town Blues Melting Away Edition

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It's V at Wall Street!

If you don’t feel like going to class, there’s still plenty for you to do today.

You missed a chance to bike through New York City with Kenneth Jackson’s History of New York class, although you may consider motorcycling. (WSJ, NYPost)

Speaking of pedaling, Columbia’s decided to moderate staff benefit cuts it announced in April. (Spec)

Or you can pay a visit down to Wall Street, the closest you’ll get to a revolution a la the Middle East in the States. (UPI)

…not that security—aviation or otherwise—is an issue here. (PIX)

And the commute won’t be as bad, either. (NY Times)

And if you still can’t find something to do in the city, it’s probably best  to apply to a study abroad program. Everyone wants you to, anyway. (HuffPo)

Celebrity sighting via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. I hate it  

    when anons wear those silly V masks to things like this. Because then people can say "Oh look, there's /b/, at it again!" instead of actually looking at what's going on. It gives people an excuse to illegitimize the demonstration without looking at it. And it's not their fault, I guess, just their way of saying "The rest of us agree with this cause, too, and we represent them" or whatever but... ):

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