Steve Jobs, Apple Co-founder and Tech Trailblazer, Died

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We were devastated to learn that Steve Jobs has died. “Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all our lives,” reads the Apple homepage. Jobs truly changed the world as we know it. Below, his legendary Stanford 2005 commencement address, “How to live before you die.”

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  1. Anonymous

    This is so sad

  2. Anonymous  

    what happened?

  3. RIP  

    He's an iCloud now

  4. anon  

    seeing apple ship the iphone 4s must have killed him...

  5. Anonymous

    Stay hungry, stay foolish. What an inspirational person.

  6. bwog

    this was a well done post. You could have chosen many things to say.. but this was the best

  7. Anonymous  

    fuck Stanford.

  8. Anonymous

    As you taught, a life well lived, Steve.


  9. Anonymous

    I don't get sad when billionaires die.

    • Look at you, double-tasking

      Because it certainly takes a profound commitment to stupidity AND douchebaggery to write something like this.



      Have you read his bio on wiki? do you have ANY idea the kind of hard work, blood, and toil he spilled to get to where he is? you try not ever meeting your biological parents till you're 27, not being able to afford college much less your SPAZZY COLUMBIA IVORY TOWER EDUCATION and SUBSEQUENT SHINY DIPLOMA, auditing classes because you wanted to learn, and TEACHING YOURSELF how to build a fucking computer all on your own. Yeah, I build my own computer when I turned 14 (and many of the guys in my engineering classes) but that was because my parents were both computer engineers. Try starting off on a blank fucking slate and learning to build a fucking pyramid out of a high school education, then come back and talk shit.

      who the fuck admitted your ass into columbia? i thought common sense was a prerequisite for even community college?

      • Anonymous  

        did you only write that so you could brag about building your own computer?

        • uh

          what is there to "brag" if my name isn't attached to this?

          i mentinoned it because yes, in my engineering classes, it does seem a bit "common" that kids built their own computers at early ages and it was to shut them up before they even said anything because most of us grew up around computers while on the other hand, steve more or less, CREATED one with almost NO prior education at all.

          it was all in praise of steve.

          whats up with you man? have you just met so many self-absorbed assholes in your life that you think every thing someone says is a "brag"?

      • useless post  

        Smug superiority
        Smug superiority

      • Steve?

        Jobs? Is that you?

      • do you mean...

        SNAZZY, instead of SPAZZY?

        btw, calm down. Just a bit. It's really going to be ok... here, have a xanax.

        • Anonymous

          Whatever I hate all billionaires. Besides, if you could add up the impact to the world energy grid that apple demand alone has caused, and that steve jobs gladly catered to that demand, he would be up there in the ranks of individuals personally responsible for more than 1% of the total causes of global warming. Also I don't see why everyone around here really loves him that much, or maybe you haven't realized yet that 3-5k of your student loans is because of him, compound the interest till that's paid off and youll realize he's laughing at you from beyond the grave. That is all.

  10. orange

    Is he related to Columbia? If not, why did you post the news?

  11. Anonymous  

    And how many macs do you see on campus?

  12. Anonymous  

    That man is my hero for so many reasons.

  13. he also

    denied paternity, eliminated all of apple's philanthropic activities when he became CEO.

    JUST SAYIN'. but nevertheless he is a great innovator. Maybe now Apple computers will cause less...or will donate to charity.

  14. ...  


    steve jobs was to business as sarah palin is to politics insomuchas neither of them had the requisite training or experience that the mainstream of society dictates as necessary to step into their respective fields.

    i have never liked sarah palin's politics, but one thing i have always admired at least at a minimum was the fact that like steve jobs, she was a symbol of a very west coast trope whereby people from unusual and not-necessarily privileged backgrounds that don't succeed at climbing the traditional ladder end up "making it" in a big way through sheer tenacity. in many ways, i think this particular trope is a point of pride for american national identity... the dream of fluid class boundaries and a good shot for anyone at making it... as opposed to more rigid class structures one finds throughout europe, asia, south america and countless other locales.

  15. Anonymous  

    In a month Steve Jobs will come back with a new product: the iRebirth.

  16. Anonymous  

    RIP Dennis Ritchie, inventor of the C programming language and co-inventor of Unix died as well. It's a bad month for technology :(

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