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It was a tight race, but the long, colorful fight’s been won. Congrats to the winners of our Pumpkin Carving and Costume Contest! Contact to claim your prize!

Winner: James and the Giant Peach

Diana Baron-Moore, Cassidy Colgan, Abby Walworth, Maddie Provo, Anna Chelak, and Colette McIntyre

Honorable Mention: Gaga Zombies

Francesca Maggi, Diego Zoghbi

Winner: Sweet Water

Dan Matlock

Honorable Mention: Cheshire Cat

Alyss Vavricka

It’s been splendid, folks. Till next year, Happy Halloween!

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  2. CUarts

    Check out the CUarts costume contest. You only have to post your costume on their facebook page, and the top 3 with the highest likes gets free movie passes. Only three folks are posted as of now, though I'm not sure if their cut off of midnight on november 1st means it was an hour ago or in 23 hours.

  3. man fuck halloween

    i came to columbia just to drink beer, go into i-banking, and marry a white woman.

    -- asian guy cc'12

    • in response to fuck guy  

      you comment on everything, don't you? You sure are an active little troll!

    • bwog oddity  

      the bwog trolls are odd. i was an undergrad here, took some time off, and now am back for graduate school (and i read bwog in fits of nostalgia, thankyouverymuch), and this site inspires performance commenting of the strangest caliber. the punster, harmony hunter, i-banking/art gallery heteronormitivity here. odd, odd, odd.

  4. Anonymous  

    and then a step to the righ-igh-igh-igh--ight

  5. Toddlers

    and Tiaras were still by far the hottest. Is that not what this competition is about?

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