Attempted Robbery on 114th Street

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We’ve just received a notice from Dean Terry Martinez concerning an attempted robbery on November 12, 2011 at about 7:30 pm in a brownstone lobby on W 114th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam. Note that the security alert came from NYPD, and so was not necessarily a Columbia building.

The suspect, pictured after the jump, followed the victim into the hallway, displayed a gun, and demanded his iPhone. He demonstrated the same behavior when approaching the second victim. While the wording of these cases is somewhat unclear, it appears that upon receiving the surrendered phones of the two victims, the suspect returned the phones to them when he realized that they were not actual iPhones.

The suspect, described by the NYPD as “Male/Black/30 yrs/5’8”/160 lbs/ black hat/green waist length jacket/ blue jeans,” then fled the building and ran away down Amsterdam Avenue.

Columbia University
Department of Public Safety
We have been notified by the NYPD, that on November 12, 2011 at about 7:30 p.m. two males were the victim of an attempted robbery in the lobby of a brownstone on W. 114 St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.  The suspect shown in the photo below was sitting on the steps of the brownstone and followed the first victim into the hallway.  He displayed a gun and demanded the victim’s I-phone.  When the victim stated he didn’t have an I- phone, the male gave it back to him.  The second victim entered the hallway and the suspect demanded his I- phone.  Once again the suspect handed it back when he found out it was not actually an I- phone.  The suspect left the building and fled on foot down Amsterdam Ave. The following description was given to the police:

Male/Black/30 yrs/5’8”/160 lbs/ black hat/green waist length jacket/ blue jeans.

If you have any information about this crime, contact the 26Pct. Detective Unit at 212-678-


Ken Finnegan

Director, Investigations and Technology Projects

November 15, 2011


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  1. Anonymous  

    I love how he operated on the assumption that everyone at Columbia has an iPhone.

    That being said, this is sort of terrifying and I am very relieved to hear that everyone is okay.

  2. Damn...

    My phone is too crappy to be stolen and Columbia still asks me for donations.

  3. Anonymous

    Reasons not to get an iphone. Get an android. Just as good but muggers give them back!

  4. Do we know  

    what building this happened at? Scary...

  5. Anonymous  

    Jeez. Scary. Maybe we need a public safety post on 114th.

  6. I luv  

    how we at barnard never get notified about these. Gee thanks!

  7. Damn  

    I've heard of crazy Apple fanboys, but this one takes the cake...

  8. Anonymous

    as terrifying as a robbery at 7:30 behind butler is, this is kind of hilarious.

  9. Anonymous  

    OMG I totally recognize that guy! I'd know that face anywhere!

  10. Anonymous  

    iThink this is a very Siri-ous incident. Too bad that security camera doesn't have a 5-element lens to give you better white balance and color accuracy.

  11. Anonymous  

    isn't this a bit...late? today is the 15th and that happened on the 12th...

  12. Showtime  

    But really, it looks like someone took that picture with their butthole

  13. Anonymous  

    Hey Martinez,

    can we get an update if columbia ever catches these dumbasses

  14. Anonymous  

    Hey Martinez,

    can we get an update if columbia ever catches these fuckers

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