Smell Like the Drunken Sandwich God You Really Are

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HamDel has always been our go-to for a number of collegiate necessities, albeit generally of the comestible variety. Where would we be without our beloved Lewinsky, our oft-craved Stallone? Even when we’ve needed some preemptive ibuprofen to go with our late-night (read: drunken) meal, HamDel has always pulled through. And just when we thought we couldn’t ask for more, HamDel has raised the bar, yet again. We’ve recently discovered that our favorite delicatessen now sells cologne in two titillating varieties: “Sex in the City Men” and “Innocent.” We just had to find out more:

Fellas, pick up one of these babies before your next date

Bwog: Let me ask you, are those two bottles of men’s cologne for sale?
Cashier: [quickly double takes behind his shoulder] Yeah.
Bwog: Well, how much for them?
Cashier: They’re like 10 a piece?
Bwog: Ten dollars each?
Cashier: Yeah, I think that’s right. I would have to ask one of the chefs to make sure.
Bwog: How’d they end up there anyway?
Cashier: To be honest, I really don’t know. I don’t think anyone here does.

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  1. It is quite fitting

    Innocence was found at HamDel, because I'm pretty sure I lost mine somewhere between EC and 1020.

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