It’s Not All Bad

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We know we’ve been making you all a little panicky by bringing it to your attention that the end of days is nigh, and sure it sucks that we only got to fit in a few games of football-watching over break, but it could be worse. It doesn’t have to be so nice and warm out, and the sunset doesn’t have to be so pretty. So if you missed the lovely view earlier, here’s a nice image to look at while you get back into the swing of procrastination. Carry on, Columbia. We’re almost there.


Thanks to RD for the picture

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  1. J

    Ugh, man, I really miss the view in Furnald.

  2. CC alum

    I just miss that, period.
    Downtown cubicle land is so depressing, man :-(.

  3. Alum

    When is the tree lighting ceremony? I always come back for that

  4. Anonymous

    Columbia's campus is absolutely gorgeous. The nicest of the ivy league.

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