Bwoglines: Endings Edition

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Things are coming to a close

Facebook is moving ever closer to its long-awaited IPO, rumored to value the company at over $100 billion. (WSJ)

It has recently been announced that Lana Peters, Joseph Stalin’s only daughter, died of colon cancer in Wisconsin on November 22, 2011. (BBC)

The AMR corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (DealBook)

On Monday, Fitch Ratings placed the US government’s AAA credit rating on a “negative outlook,” meaning there’s over a 50% chance that the nation’s credit will be downgraded within the next two years. (Politico)

Times are tough for Violet, Hawkma’s NYU cousin. She’s been limping since May, and having baby Pip to look after isn’t making things any easier. (City Room)

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  1. too bad that  

    nobody gives a shit about the ratings agencies anymore because clearly they're just trying to make up for the subprime mortage crisis by acting all tough on the USA

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