All Night Long

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The Butler gods have spoken. Starting next Tuesday, this hallowed building’s fifth and sixth floors will be open 24/7, thereby inviting 170 more students to join their sleepless comrades on Milstein floors two, three, and four. But remember friends, this is a trial run, so if you really want more 24-hour space in Butler, you’ve gotta use it! If the trial goes well, Butler’s powers that be have agreed to make the change permanent, meaning that Butler floors two through six will be open 24-hours, ALL YEAR LONG. Can ya dig it?!

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  1. Anonymous

    We don't need them during the rest of the semester. They close at what, 10? People rush downstairs, it's all crowded. Then around midnight, everything airs out in the reference room and there are plenty of spaces. Just extend the hours!

  2. all year long???

    that's ridiculously fucking awesome. It's also sad that I'm so excited about this.

  3. Anonymous  

    real champions of studying do it in their rooms

  4. This must be  

    part of the Student Wellness campaign.

  5. Anonymous  

    Thank you Kenny!

  6. In my day  

    many an overnight night was spent in the old Burgess-Carpenter library upstairs or in the Philosophy Reading Room. My best thinking and learning happened in Butler in the middle of the night. Occasional trips to Grandma's for coffee, to Koronet, to Furnald Grocery (!).

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