Dark Was the Night (Of The Soul)

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Call us old-fashioned*, but Bwog likes sticking to traditions. That’s why we dared enter the dark abyss of terror and neurosis that is Butler without so much as a Virgil-figure to protect us (or at the very least warn us to avert our gaze from one of those 209-couples who seem to feed on creepy eye contact—do they even go here?). Plus, we threw a little Lerner in there to spice things up this year. Without further ado:  

A young warrior bows his head in prayer to those who've fought before him.


*By “old-fashioned,” we mean pretty. Call us pretty.

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  1. Anonymous  

    who were the people singing in the bathrooms? did anyone else see that?

  2. kind of a camera nerd  

    What was the sixth picture shot on???

    • definitely a camera nerd  

      who cares? whoever took it dumped so much HDR on it, it could be an iphone photo for all we know.


      >dat filename
      >is incorrect

    • not the photographer but another nerd

      the kind of camera for that isn't so important... the post processing is what gives it that dank flava.

      it's hdr, which means that it's a composite of 3 photos: one over exposed, one under exposed, and one exposed correctly.

      then you bring them into photoshop or your friendly neighborhood darkroom and you layer them and bring out the bits of each that you want to bring out, and hide the bits of each that you want to hide.
      make sense?
      photoshop has a snazzy "merge to hdr" function that does a lot of the legwork for you.

      hdr is also useful when you want to produce an image with unrealistic lighting, or when you want to capture something whose lighting makes it tricky to capture. like a sunset over the ocean, zoomed in on tide pools, with no parts too dark or washed out.

  3. CC'13  

    it's one thing to put your head down for 15 minutes, but sometimes i see people curled up like contortionists under their coats for hours. just GO HOME, there's no way 4 hours of sleep on a butler armchair is better than 4 hours of sleep in your bed.

  4. another camera nerd  

    113th looking toward amsterdam, roof of bway/hogan? not sure if that's an accessible roof but that looks like the place. definitely HDR but i couldn't tell u more than that re: camera settings

  5. Anonymous  

    Ohhh goddd i'm failing everything

  6. that witch  

    has some masculine looking jeans

  7. Legolas

    Please attribute your quotations.

  8. Anonymous  

    I have no idea what this final is on. Fuck.

  9. person

    Nitrous oxid is heavier than air. As you might surmise from that very specific knowledge, I plan on going quite hard after my last final.

  10. ...  

    "A chair cushion that once stood plump and proud now sags like your spirits" <3

  11. Too tired to let this slide  

    "Without further adieu" should be "without further ado"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And now, without further ado, I bid you adieu.)

  12. Anonymous

    I'm not sure you know what the word "alas" means.

  13. Anonymous

    That young warrior looks a lot like Spencer Almen.

  14. Nah  

    kimy never took lit hum

  15. Anonymous  

    Well that was a blood bath

  16. Anonymous  

    If you just read all the comments up to this point, it might be time to stop procrastinating.

  17. Anonymous

    The first photo in this post will always be my favorite record of Butler desperation:

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