SGA: Meets, Greets and Eats

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Your bold and beautiful Barnard leaders

Bwog’s correspondent Renée Kraiem reports on the first SGA meeting of the semester.

The Rep Council reunited last night at 8:10 to discover that a significant proportion of the group had either grown or cut their bangs. Then, the group got down to business.

Turns out that SGA is redecorating—and I’m not talking about the bangs. Be sure to stop by Rep Council’s new office hours starting next week to speak with your bold and even more beautiful Barnard leaders.

If you just can’t take your eyes off the new office, spend more time there! SGA is now accepting applications for positions on twelve committees, which are available here. Most applications are due on Friday, January 27th at 8 pm with the exception of one.

Without an administrative guest over which to ogle last night, Rep Council discussed its wish list for the coming semester. Crowd favorites included her highness Brenda Slade, Director of Student Health Services, and Constance Brown, Registrar. In anticipation of room selection (cue deep breath), Rep Council requested representatives from Residential Life.

Rep Council concluded by proposing new initiatives for next semester. Conversation quickly turned, however, to CCSC President Aki Terasaki’s decision to no longer make attendance at any Council meeting mandatory, unless a vote has to be taken. Rep Council agreed that attention should be paid to the success of the program, and discussion of the validity of the policy led to a conversation about whether Rep Council’s weekly two-hour meeting is warranted, and used efficiently enough.

One representative admitted to questioning her commission upon repeated discovery that her peers knew very little about SGA’s objectives and accomplishments. Though multiple members of Rep Council admitted to similar mid-semester crises, Representative to Academic Affairs Malvina Kefalas protested that she found it “frankly kind of sad…that because” SGA lacks recognition of its activity, Rep Council would consider curtailing its work.

Ultimately, VP Rachel Ferrari, ever the orator, suggested that Rep Council ought to “give itself a break,” considering the extensive list of accomplishments produced at the end of last semester, and that CCSC’s policy should not be judged prematurely, as “different things work for different people.”

Active government via Wikimedia Commons

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