“Having Your Cake” Has a Whole New Meaning

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Couldn’t make it across campus to eat some of the Columbia Culinary Society’s free erotic cake? Here are a few pictures from the event to whet your appetite in more ways than one.

pastry pornography via Elyse DeWitt

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  1. Anonymous sexy as hell

  2. explicit?  

    more like oddly repressed! for erotic cakes, a surprising number of them are clothed!

  3. Anonymous  

    haha, I spy with my little eye Reid Jenkins!


    print the sorority recruitment email about shaving. I heard rumor of it and I'm so excited...

  5. Anonymous  

    I love Columbia

  6. Anonymous  

    I am 12 and what is this?

  7. Anonymous  

    ACE OF CAKE!!!

  8. Anonymous

    these cakes have no taste

  9. Cake number 4

    Just shouts, "Eat me!"

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