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Renée Kraiem uses what some people call “free time” to report on last night’s SGA meeting.

As a glorious homage to the recently reinvigorated passion for efficiency, SGA met and adjourned this evening within one hour. Rep Council heard presentations from various councils and plugged a series of upcoming events in an attempt to make use of the opportunity for what some people call “free time.”

VP of SGA Rachel Ferrari reported that the council on the Seven Sisters conference voted wholeheartedly to invite Vassar to the next conference, highlighting the worth of promoting women’s education in a co-ed educational environment. In the spirit of the evening, Ferrari encouraged representatives to think about the difference between the mentality of a Barnard student and any of the other six sisters regarding their place in the conference.

Next, the 2015ers on Rep Council reported on their semester’s projects by highlighting their successes from last semester, and plugging their upcoming Winter Wonderland event—since, in case you forgot, it’s winter.

Maddie Provo, Senior Rep. to the Board of Trustees utilized the time by getting her speaking fellow on. To increase efficiency, she prescribes a “juicy face,” one of intense interest and excitement, and condemns qualifiers, like, um, saying that what you’re about to say isn’t really a big deal, or anything.

In the interest of efficiency, and because this correspondent is (not) looking forward to a piece of SGA apparel as it would (not) compromise her journalistic integrity, keep a look out for these exciting upcoming events, most of which are available for perusal on the SGA Campus Calendar.

Next week’s administrative guest at Rep Council will be former Dean of the College and current VP of College Relations Dorothy Denburg.

Come to Rep Council next week to talk about what a good time you had at Glass House Rocks, which takes place this Thursday in Lerner. Coming off of your Glass House Rocks high, nominate your parents to rep the family name at the Junior Class Council’s Career Dinner, March 26th from 6:30-8:30.

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