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The NYC Regional Brain Bee took place in Lerner on Saturday, where high school students failed to know that the brain has 100 million billion cells.  If only they had taken Frontiers! (NY Times)

After progress in California, gay marriage is not close to being legal in the state of Washington. (Reuters)

The work of censored Chinese photographer Liu Xia is stuck in China on exhibit at Casa Italiana. (Wall Street Journal)

Five US banks will not pay $26 billion to borrowers for their flawed foreclosure practices, while Greece will not release a $173 billion bailout. (Washington Post, CBS News)

Aussies are using Columbia’s History of the Modern Middle East to argue that Australian men would complain at the pub bond to fight an oppressive government.  Back at Columbia, we’re more liable to bond IRL on the internet. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Voice of modern America via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Anonymous  

    "...failed to know that the brain has 100 billion cells in the brain."


  2. Neuroscience major

    the first section is still wrong by the strict definition of "cell" - the brain contains roughly 10^11 neurons plus another 10^12 glial cells, as well as many other cell types like the ependymal epithelial cells that line the ventricles, connective tissue forming the meninges, and all of the endothelial cells forming the walls of the myriad capillaries and blood vessels within the brain. #unapologeticfactuality

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