Tentative plans for the new Carlton lounge

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the new election bylaws of the ESC constitution. As reported last year, the ESC will begin holding public e-board elections this year. Under the changes, the members of the senior class council will choose one of its members to serve as the Elections Commissioner and chair the elections committee, which would run the general elections. The majority of the debate focused on whether the new elections should use a ticket system or an individual candidate system. Under the ticket system, the entire e-board would be elected as a single ticket/party, whereas under the individual system, students could still have parties, but voters could pick and choose candidates from different parties. Ultimately, the council voted against the ticket system.

ESC, in collaboration with their graduate student counterpart EGSC, has submitted a proposal with improvements to Carlton Lounge. The proposals includes calls for new (non-wobbly) furniture, increased outlets, and improved WiFi.

Alumni Affairs and Pre-Professional Development Liaison Bora Kim spoke with CCE about showing average SEAS GPAs alongside other student GPAs to employers. There are concerns that engineering students are treated unfairly by CCE, as Columbia College students on average have higher GPAs. Therefore, if a CC and SEAS students apply for the same position, CC students will appear better on paper.

Swanky improvements via Wikimedia Commons