Bwoglines: Being a Boss Edition

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Change is Gonna Come

Jeremy Lin continues to be a boss. While you’re admiring his skills, don’t forget about the other Ivy League players who’ve changed sports history. But you can cut it out with all the bad puns. (Daily News, PolicyMic, #linify it, USA Today)

Much to everyone’s surprise, Columbia is not New York’s hottest college. Smart guys finish last? (NY Mag)

It turns out our musically talented peers are not just “gifted,” they’re also really hard workers. (The Atlantic)

iPhone users: it’s time to gloat. (The Daily Beast)



Being a Boss via Hollywood Vulture

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  1. Think about it  

    What if Columbia students are just more confident, and so aren't as self-selecting for attractiveness when it comes to online dating participation?

    This comment was brought to you by Freakonomics.

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