Bwoglines: Invited (Uninvitingly) Edition

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obama is my bff

You are cordially invited...

Trickster Sacha Baron Cohen is still invited to this weekend’s Oscars, but only under certain conditions. (Hollywood Reporter)

A Columbia survey found that 70% of youths have illegally attained music, TV shows, or movies (sorry!!) – but is it an invitation for further crackdowns or easier legal access? (MSNBC)

Anne Frank has been invited posthumously pulled into Mormonism…again. (HuffPost)

Though Romney, a Mormon, did not comment about Frank, he did invite debate last night. (NY Times)

Despite once saying “letting people have your paintings is like letting them wear your clothes,” Florine Stettheimer’s work will be on exhibit at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library.  Visitors invited! (NYMag, Gallerist)

Now for a lesson in modern etiquette: be a kind, inviting diner and don’t invite your boss to your kegger. (Wall Street Journal, Poynter)

Your official invitation to the White House via Wikimedia Commons

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