Overseen: You Brighten My Day

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Sweet motivational signs were spotted in the Diana Center, causing Bwog to give a collective “awww” and reflect on our happy moments at this school.  Take a moment and do the same!

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  1. CC '13  

    these have been there since the start of the semester (or at least close to it). Does bwog just never enter barnard's campus?

  2. @columbia

    Yes Barnard girls, you deserve to be at Barnard instead of Columbia! Don't forget it ;)

  3. news  

    Been there since November/December, but still elicits "aww"s.

  4. Anonymous  

    It's been there since last semester, but before it said "Do you belong here?"

  5. Anonymous  

    Bwog didn't report on it when it was demotivational and sad and honestly very dickish.

  6. Anonymous  

    I was going to rearrange the letters of the "Do you belong here" to "go heed your noble" (that was the best one I could come up with) but the EXACT DAY I got fed up enough to go up there and do it, someone had put up all of the yellow papers spelling out the word YES, so I thought I'd just leave it at their response.

  7. Anonymous  

    I didn't think the original tone came across as "dickish" at all (or "demotivational" or "sad," for that matter). I think it was a very neutral statement and open to a lot of flexibility in how it could be interpreted. Perhaps it's your own feelings that ultimately ascribe it's meaning as negative.

  8. Anonymous

    Seriously? That's not bile, either--I'm genuinely surprised someone thinks this. Yeah, there are girls who'd rather be across the street, sure (and Columbians who'd rather be at some other Ivy, or MIT, or whatever, let's not kid ourselves) but surely not every one.

    I mean, you've overheard how many BC ladies, exactly, crying their feminist eyes out in jealousy over the Core?

  9. barnard

    This is a piece of art by a barnard student. just so y'all know. Her name is Julia Caston and she's awesome.

  10. bc14  

    it really speaks to me that it's made out of garbage bags.

  11. CC  

    Just to note that the people who put up the one in the Altschul beehive also put one up in Bulter but it got taken down almost immediately. [Refer: http://bwog.com/2011/12/02/its-going-to-be-okay-says-solipsistic-banner/ ] It's disappointing that Columbia is too caught up in its image to care for student wellness. I think BC administration does a fairly good job encouraging student wellness as well, I was in the Diana and saw that Student Life is offering workshops and free yoga/meditation sessions for destressing.

    I can appreciate that Barnard will at least let students encourage one another.

  12. Anonymous

    "Happy moments at this school?" Was that after the bitter bashing or the hateful comments? :/At least Bwog is trying to redeem themselves.

  13. uh  

    with their ridiculously high acceptance rate, do they really need a reminder that they "belong there"

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