Bwoglines: Looking Back Edition

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Turn it back

Mitt Romney’s campaign strategies may appear to be a product of 2012, but he’s really just copying Cicero. (Slate)

Many have called Lindsay Lohan’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig tonight her last chance to save her career, but astute cultural historians point out that it’s not the first time. (NY Mag)

Christina Paxson was named president of Brown University yesterday, giving her an occasion to look back on her career as Dean at Princeton, and as a Columbia alum. (The Brown Daily Herald)

Here’s a peek at New York City and Brooklyn before Manhattanville was even a twinkle in PrezBo’s eye. (NYT, Gothamist)

 Tick Tock via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Anonymous

    I can't believe Bwog bumped down the Obama post for this.

  2. Anonymous

    Christina Paxson is most famous for doing research to show that tall people get ahead in business not because they are tall, but because they are smarter than short people.

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