Hawkma’s New Home?

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Hawkma, evidently undeterred by the scandal surrounding her namesake this week, has returned to her one of her favorite perches, a JJ10 balcony. This time she brought a friend and some sticks. Could our fierce feathery friend be thinking of relinquishing her role as queen of the night and settling down? Spring is in the air and, although we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, we’re daring to dream of fluffy little Hawkmadinejad Jrs. Keep us posted, JJ10!

Contemplating the domestic life?

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  1. you guyssssss

    Let's continue the "Is Barnard Columbia" discussion here. The other thread is getting convoluted.

  2. JJ10  

    is not a hopeless place.

  3. JJ10

    continues to be the most blessed place on earth

  4. Anonymous  

    This is awesome, I hope they build their nest undisturbed!

  5. Anonymous  


    Don't tell me you're not excited.

  6. Anonymous  

    we find love in a hopeless place

  7. Hawkma...  

    ... should take a cue from the squirrels and start pizza snatching.

  8. too cute

    that Bwog is pretending that anyone is reading their other content today...

  9. Anonymous

    So jealous of whoever lives in that room!

  10. that person  

    is me. hawkma and i are homeboys now we smoke bluntzzz

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