Overseen: Cooking With Bwog?

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These paper creations attempt to portray the hunger that millions of people around the world feel, the Human-Food Disconnect, and the art of creation in the kitchen. Or, they’re just awesome.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Congrats guys, you made it on the NY Times!

    "After Barnard Gets Obama for Speech, Tensions With Columbia Bubble Up" by Richard Pena

  2. one of the better bwog tags  

    anthropology 2073: Ritualistic Suicide in Origami Culture

  3. Anonymous  

    Bwog we need more distractions like these from the current events at hand!

  4. Anonymous  

    Sup McBain 7

  5. Anonymous

    HEY! That's my squarmy. They're led by Lieutenant Wallace perched on the knob there.

    ...Katie Furr

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