Drinking With Bwog: The Post-Midterm

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It's the Birth of Venus, arthum skippers

Everybody is beautiful over spring break

We may be worn out, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t stopped our quest to keep you and the Columbia community happy and well-drunk.  Without further ado we present The Post-Midterm.

This is a legendary drink, the ingredients and creation of which have been passed on from Columbia generation to generation.  Keep it in your heart; you never forget the day you learned how to make The Post-Midterm.

There are several options to this complex drink.

First is Post-Midterm: The Buddy

  1. Walk to the southwest corner of Amsterdam and 109th
  2. Buy a 30 rack
  3. Distribute to your friends. Garnish with red solo cup, if desired
Next, Post-Midterm: The TA
  1. Walk to the northwest corner of Amsterdam and 110th
  2. Present an ID and walk into 1020
  3. Best served with a booth
Post-Midterm: OMG IT’S WARM
  1. Walk to Broadway between 11th and 112th on the west side
  2. Walk up 3 flights of stairs–be careful not to add Anna
  3. Attain a frozen margarita.  Garnish with a pleasant breeze
Post-Midterm: Star Status
  1. Walk to Broadway between 110th and 111th on the east side
  2. Give Bigga a high-five
  3. Order a spiked milkshake, shaken (by the drunk frat guy who knocks into you at the bar)
Botticelli’s masterpiece via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Drunk Pike, legit.

  2. Anonymous  

    yo "the TA" is so true. I see my TAs at 1020 all the time. why is that? such a strange phenomena.

  3. Anonymous  

    Grad students go to 1020 but, believe me, your post-midterm respite is our grading swamp.

  4. anon  

    crackdel doesn't have 30 racks. Get your facts straight.

  5. Anonymous  

    for those on fin-aid like me. Rite-aid has the cheapest 30 racks.

    :0 I'm having so much sex with your money.

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