Overseen: The Coen Brothers Come To Morningside

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As much as the flurry of dusty vintage cars parked along 116th street between Broadway and Riverside hint at Mad Men, the stars in this situation are much more current. Starting at 7 am tomorrow and going on till 8 pm, Inside Llewyn Davis, the new film by the Coen brothers (!!!) will be filming in the area. As far as we can tell, the movie centers around hippie artists in the 60s, dusty cars and Justin Timberlake and all. Oh yeah, apparently JT is starring in the film, along with Carey Mulligan. NBD, though.

But for real, set your alarm and unleash your fangirl tomorrow morning! In the meantime, we’ll leave you with tantalizing evidence:

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  1. Anonymous  

    They should just remake Fargo with a NYC setting.

  2. Mville

    Burn After Reading filmed here as well... the car chase / collision scene is right outside Grant's Tomb. Ladies were hanging out all day gawking at Brad Pitt.

  3. Film Major/fangirl  


  4. Anonymous  

    What street are the flyers posted on?

  5. Anonymous  

    That is right outside my window! GAHHHH

  6. Anonymous  

    Fuck the film/actors. I want those cars.

  7. John Djayngo Unchained  

    It was terrible but had to be done. Fuck everyone who says otherwise.

  8. FANBOY  

    CAREY MULLIGAN. been a fan ever since her amazing roles in Never Let Me Go and Drive

  9. be open to new experiences  

    anyone ever notice that the word anal is at the rear of the word bacchanal? deliberate? I think not.

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