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Welcome to your new home, presidents

Results are in from the ESC, SGA, and CCSC elections.  Voting just ended at 5 today and here are the winners:

CCSC Executive Board
Karishma Habbu (President)
Will Hughes (VP Policy)
Jared Odessky (VP Communications)
Daphne Chen (VP Finance)
Yanyi Luo (VP Campus Life)

ESC Executive Board
Tim Qin (President)
Bora Kim (VP Policy)
Caroline Taylor (VP Communications)
Siddhant Bhatt (VP Finance)
Sheila Misheni (VP Student Life)

SGA Executive Board
Jung Hee Hyun (President)
Julia Kennedy (Vice President)
Sarah Steinmann (VP Student Activities)
Malvina Kefalas (VP Communications)
Mara Wood (VP Finance)

CCSC (full results)

Richard Sun
Matthew Chou

2013 Class Council
Ryan Mandelbaum (President)
Elizabeth Angeles (Vice President)
Eugene Wu (Class Representative)
Adebayo Adesomo (Class Representative)
Jide Adebayo (Class Representative)

2014 Class Council
Conan Cassidy (President)
Joanna Kelly (Vice President)
Arvin Ahmadi (Class Representative)
Sarita Patankar (Class Representative)
Zach Vargas-Sullivan (Class Representative)

2015 Class Council
Loxley Bennett (President)
Julia Jarrett (Vice President)
Liam Bland (Class Representative)
Matthew Chupack (Class Representative)
Mary Joseph (Class Representative)

Academic Affairs Representative
Steven Castellano

Student Services Representatives
Christina Fan
Blaine Harper

Pre-Professional Representative
Caroline Lisankie


Akshay Shah

2013 Class Council
Mary Byers (President)
Ruchi Gupta (Vice President)
Christine Liu (Class Representative)
Shudipto Rahman (Class Representative)

2014 Class Council
Daniel O’Leary (President)
Tanya Shah (Vice President)
Patrick Fu (Class Representative)
Priya Sharma (Class Representative)

2015 Class Council
Joshua Boggs (President)
Shensi Ding (Vice President)
Aditya Naganath (Class Representative)
Manali Yavatkar (Class Representative)

Academic Affairs Representative
Charlie Wu

Professional Development and Alumni Affairs Representative
Brian Wu

Student Services Representative
Alexander Pae

CCSC Liaison
Andrew Gonzalez

GSSC Liaison
Jerry Sun

SGA Liaison
Janiel Li


Kalliope Kyriakides

Sr. Class
Linda Zhang (President)
Paige Sussman (Vice President)

Jr. Class
Aliza Hassine (President)

Soph. Class
Hannah Rosenwein (President)
Michal Edelman (Vice President)
Julie Tauber (Treasurer)

Representatives to the Board of Trustees
Ayelet Pearl (Junior Representative)

Academic Affairs Representative
Elaine Gottesman

Representative for Diversity
Stephanie Fernandez

Representative for Student Services
Leah Rothstein

Community Programming Representative
Rivka Holzer

CCSC Liaison
Swati Amin

ESC Liaison
Leah Metcalf

White House via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Who cares

    Where's CCSC? Going to LOL at how bad Block Party crushes the 212

  2. Check Spec  

    212 beat Block Party 2:1

  3. Anonymous  

    can we get a link to the full voting results

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous  

    Ah, gotta love leadership positions for the sake of leadership positions. Lovely to see so many padded resumes.

    I see 69 names here, lets make it a round 70 with the assumption that BC 14 is supposed to have a VP. Do we really need 70 members of student government?

    • Steve C  

      Perhaps there are too many positions and perhaps some of us are in it for the wrong reason, but you don't lose sleep, fail classes, and give up all semblances of fun for three weeks (like many of these people have) if you are padding a resume. Most of us genuinely care about helping the class out, and it sucks that in order to do so, we have to bother a majority of you to get our message across.

      CCSC is the reason for open (gender-neutral) housing, Junior regroup, the new composter, the construction of turnstyles by EC this summer, and SO MUCH MORE that it would take me forever to name it all. And that all happened just in the last 3 years that I've been on the Policy Committee. I'm sorry if this response is an overreaction, but it frustrates me that people think we don't care about what we're doing or don't accomplish anything baselessly. Maybe get to know us and join our committees before deciding who is ineffective, in a pointless position, or in council for the wrong reasons?

      • Justin Y

        I just want to echo what Steve says here. The majority of people on council work hard to represent you as best as they can. It really is a job where there's very little gratitude. I too was very skeptical before I started working on the communications committee and yes, 90% of the elected students put in the sacrifice to make the college better and the students' lives easier. I definitely have my opinions on who is effective and who is not, but I can say most have the best of intentions. If you are just a ruthless resume padder, you'll get exposed anyway at some point so really, don't worry about them.

        People who care about issues should vote each and every time. My concern is that a great number of those people care about issues so much that they really don't believe the council members can pull it off, so they just choose not to participate. Council can't do everything, but they can take a stab at it. So vote for the people that have the best shot at making that happen. Hope we can see even better voter turnout next year!

      • Anonymous  

        Actually, it was a joint effort by CCSC and ESC. Whitney Green (ESC President) and Sue Yang (CCSC President) put a lot of effort into it. Please don't always sideline ESC in terms of policies that make Columbia better.

        • Anonymous  

          I completely disagree. People are more likely to go to great lengths to help themselves than to help others.

          • Anonymous

            but his point was that they do more selfharm than not so even if its for "themselves," its from a genuine selfish love of council and its role in helping others cause there are easier ways to pad a resume that would require much less upfront defication.

        • Steve C  

          Sorry. Thought it was clear that I was defending all 70 members, not attacking ESC, SGA, and GSSC to glorify CCSC. I've also gotten a chance to work with members of all 3 other councils, and they are also terrific, hardworking individuals.

  6. Anonymous

    you clearly have no conception of how things work around here....

  7. Anonymous

    eugene woooooooooo

  8. Anonymous

    212! SO PUMPED

  9. CC '13

    This is the first CCSC election that I actually really cared about. I really think 212 can do great things for CC and Prem13re can create an amazing senior year. Don't let me down.

  10. Anonymous  

    Alex Jasiulek deserved this way more than Karishma Habbu. Wow, I guess now we have no choice but to suffer the consequences of our actions n

    • Anonymous  

      Alex Jasiulek sucks... He hasn't done anything of note for our class..

      • Steven C  

        Please. let's stop all this negativity for a change. I love Karishma & 212, but Alex has done a lot for council. He independently emailed a million people a million times each to secure a screening of Premium Rush later this year, he pushed us to look at alcohol that is wasted at campus events and to write a policy to store it rather than dump it down the sink, he worked aggressively to plan a block party this year and will probably be able to do so by next year, and he came up with the idea to have a Halloween-themed Dark Side of the Core event in Lerner this fall, which was extremely successful. He is involved in all four committees and always makes valuable contributions. Now if that's doing nothing, I would love to hear what you've done

      • Alex Jasiulek

        I'll never stop sacrificing for other students. If you haven't seen that in the past and didn't see it during the campaign period then clearly I have more to sacrifice. See you next year ;)

  11. Anonymous  

    Get it PrezBUUUUUUUU!

  12. Anonymous  

    Are any of these people planning to fight to change the drop deadline to a later--and more appropriate--time? Or, can someone explain to me why the drop deadline is way before we have any grades and no one seems to fight this?

  13. Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate. Go Steven, you rock.


    i just wanna hook up with all of these people

  15. Anonymous

    HORNYBOYGETATME, do not degrade these serious political figures!! I am APPALLED that you would demean women (and men!) to the point that they are just objects!!!! these people are SERIOUS and do not try to demean them. UGH!

  16. Anonymous

    Dear anonymous,


    but seriously guys, get at me...... i'm always horny and i'm great in bed

  18. Anonymous

    i agree with anonymous. degrading the leaders of the columbia community such as Eugene Wu is very upsetting... though Eugene is super sexy ;)

  19. Anonymous  

    matt chupack, you better get us better toilet paper.

  20. Anonymous  

    isnt jung hee the candidate who wanted to get rid of the varsity show at days on campus? i think that, that is just a ridiculous thing to say, seeing as i dont understand how she will have control over columbia days on campus as sga president (and since barnard prefrosh don't even see the varsity show preview at their days on campus). hopefully she doesn't follow through with it—seeing that show as a prefrosh made me so excited to go to columbia, and i would hate to have that same experience taken away because one student thinks that it hates on barnard too much.

  21. Anonymous

    swati and club bangla covered up all the fliers for everyone running against her...

  22. Go  

    LEAAAHHHH, you're gonna liase with ESC like nobody's business!

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