Bwoglines: Dystopian Edition

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Dystopia: from the people who brought you Snow White

Collectivism might not be quite the way to go, but using money as an incentive is making us poor problem solvers. (Nature Blogs)

Remember, remember, the fifth of November: David Cameron comes under fire for attempting to make the UK a police state. (LA Times)

Congenital birth defects may soon be a thing of the past, GATTACA style. (Science Daily)

Teachers can be creepers. (New York Times)

Sticking it to the man, one Great Firewall at a time. (Al Jazeera)

In troubled times, sometimes laugher is the best medicine. Shout-out to CU alum Nina Pedrad for co-writing last night’s episode of 30 Rock!


 Unfortunate naming via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. CB  

    Ok. really blog? just days following your shameful use of a certain word that starts with "n", albeit using asterisks, you post up a flag with the nazi symbol?

    Certainly you are within your rights to be so immature, but that doesn't mean you should. STOP BEING OFFENSIVE AND INFLAMMATORY FOR THE SACK OF BEING OFFENSIVE AND INFLAMMATORY. It is lame and cowardly.

  2. Anonymous  

    Shame on you for caving to CB, Bwog. Describing dystopia with a Nazi/British flag is perfectly fine. I'm seriously disappointed

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