Senior Wisdom: Amin Ghadimi

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And here we have Amin Ghadimi.  To make your nomination, fill out the form.

Name, Hometown, School: Amin Ghadimi; Kobe, Japan; Columbia College

Claim to Fame: The ones from the 1950s who “sent their children to international schools and used shops that sold imported goods” were my grandparents.

Where are you going? Who really knows?  Wherever it is, I hope I actually do get there someday.  For now, though, grad school.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. The bells of Gion Shoja toll the impermanence of all things. –The Tales of the Heike
  2. “But what is to be done, then? What is to be done in such a case? Should one fall into despair?” “No, for it enough that you are distressed by it. Do what you can, and it will be reckoned unto you.” -Madame Khokhlakov and Zosima, in The Brothers Karamazov
  3. The perfect man has no self. –The Zhuangzi

“Back in my day…” I really hope my day isn’t over yet. Please?

Justify your existence in 30 words or less: My mom loves me.

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories?  The questions assume the epistemological possibility of identifying a definitive end-point and victor in the war, but we must problematize such war-postwar, winner-loser binaries, thereby complicating the received historiography in the field and moving toward a subtler, more nuanced narrative that rescues the silenced stories of victims from the hegemonic war discourse produced by ostensible and self-proclaimed winners and that acknowledges the trans-temporal or even atemporal aspects of a war more imagined than physical. (Is that the correct answer?)

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? I love it when professors let you choose a question on the exam to skip.

Advice for the class of 2016? None. I’m not sure there’s any one-size-fits-all advice that can apply without distinction or qualification to every incoming first-year. But congratulations!

Regrets? So many, but we smile and move on.

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  1. WW2

    Amin is a genius and genuinely nice guy. Congrats on doing so well here!

  2. Disgruntled TA

    I tried to read your war on fun response, gave up, and decided to just underline random shit and give it an A-. If you get me a teaching grant, a bottle of vodka, and another essay about how sobriety is a social construct, I'll bump it up to an A.

  3. Anonymous  

    Wow. Really? Cool story, bro.

  4. Anonymous  

    Amin is perhaps the most thoughtful, humble, and nice guy I've met at Columbia. I really wish I could have gotten to know him better.

    Good luck with whatever you do next! Hopefully our paths will cross again later in life.

  5. Anonymous  

    Ah I actually really liked this one.

  6. He's probably super nice and interesting  

    But all we get to see is from his answers, and they don't really say anything worth reading

  7. Anonymous  

    Amin is the best!

  8. Anonymous  

    Damn, Bwog is getting stringent with the comment policy.

  9. Anonymous  

    This Senior Wisdom is boring - nothing was actually said

  10. BIGGEST FAN!  

    I'm so so glad Amin got a senior wisdom. He's seriously one of the wittiest and most thoughtful guys I've met at Columbia (in my life) and definitely someone I wish I had gotten to know better. Off to YALE next year, he seriously lights up the classroom and can make anyone smile. He's the kind of guy who genuinely loves to learn and definitely a rare/unique individual here at Columbia. Wow only so many good things to say about him. It's made my day that he's being recognized by the rest of the Columbia community. Literally beaming. Good luck to you Amin!

  11. Anonymous  

    Love Amin!!!

  12. Great SW choice  

    Amin is the absolute best!! So smart and so humble

  13. Horrible #2

    U mad bro-Bwog?

    Why would you delete my comment? (Originally: Horrible - "Why would you publish this?")

    This is ridiculous Bwog. If criticism of your decision to publish something isn't protected, then what is? Why don't you just be super-meta and censor my criticism of your censoring my criticism?

  14. dont know you  

    but you seem really cool!
    good luck brah!

  15. CEARling〜  




  16. Anonymous  

    and great choice of books.

  17. Anonymous  

    Amin: you are awesome. I feel so privileged to have been in class with you!

  18. Anonymous

    Advice for the class of 2016? None. I’m not sure there’s any one-size-fits-all advice that can apply without distinction or qualification to every incoming first-year. But congratulations!

    Regrets? So many, but we smile and move on.


  19. Anonymous  

    What kind of graduate school is Amin attending? What program?

  20. Boring? No way  

    I loved this Senior Wisdom. Amin's responses were, in a word, endearing. They were thoughtful, and they left a smile on my face -- and best of all, they weren't trying to be funny.

    Good luck in grad school, Amin!

  21. Anonymous

    Coming from someone who liked this senior wisdom, I'm nonetheless put off that Bwog deleted some of the harsher comments. Yeah, some were mean, clearly written by shits. But uh, we should be able to be mean shits sometimes. It's sort of a valuable liberty. Our being mean shits shouldn't be CENSORED. That's just messed up, regardless of the good will implicit to it. Take a look at your own comment policy:

    Again, the comments you deleted weren't off topic, discriminatory, or self-promotional. Mind explaining?

  22. ET  

    Amin is the single most decent person I've met at Columbia. (This is not to say that there aren't a lot of really lovely people here, but rather to assert that Amin, you're the best!)

  23. Alec

    It was wonderful to read your Senior Wisdom, Amin. I especially loved your quote from Karamazov.
    Analects 5:17 is so you:

  24. wtf  

    Amin is so fake. He's made me feel like shit somedays....

  25. Old Classmate  

    Amin is actually the sweetest. I'm sorry you all thought this was boring, but it was actually one of the more genuine ones I've read. Congratulations, Amin! Best of luck on the future and it was a pleasure having class with you.

  26. keitorin kashiero

    Such a perfect Ghadimi-san response to all these questions! I miss our debates in Japanese class with Maeguchi-sensei (mostly I miss actually being able to speak Japanese.) Amin was the only one who could piece together what I was trying to say in my Amerikajin-teki, Columbia-teki-na Japanese. Congratulations! Best of luck!

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