Senior Wisdom: Jose Delgado

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Name, Hometown, School: Jose Alberto Delgado, Brownsville, TX, Columbia College

Claim to Fame: Marching Band Banned headlines, I woke up to 10 emails from journalists asking for interviews one day and was called like 30 different times by radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. I also organized a performance for a party attended by LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Jay-Z.  At some point did Chicano Caucus, MRC, CMTS, and Wind Ensemble.  That work study guy in Casa Hispanica who interned at a zoo one summer and can play the drums.

Where are you going? I will be going to Los Angeles as a member of the Teach for America corps team for 2 years.  My parents visited during Thanksgiving once and said they never imagined being in New York City considering they started off as teachers in Mexico, now they get to go to LA too!

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. You’re never stuck with the same group of friends, but the best ones always make the effort to keep in touch
  2. The best classes are defined by the professor, not the subject
  3. If you’re not happy then you shouldn’t stay in that club/class/major/school/job.

“Back in my day…” Someone believed in me and that made all the difference.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less: The moment you’re standing outside as a cold front comes in and feel the instant change in atmosphere; you’re the same person in different places almost.

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? In high school I was suspended for taking long lunches instead of being in class. In college I was written up for being with a bunch of loud Latinos. Even though Columbia has a diverse student body, the administration and our professors don’t always understand we don’t all come from the same sources of privilege and academically torturous high schools among other things.  If you’re written up in Barnard the complaint never circles back to Columbia. If you’re caught red-handed in the tunnels, run but don’t take off your shirt in the process.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Only one of these makes it easier to fall asleep. But seriously midnight snacks are the best.

Advice for the class of 2016:

  1. $4 umbrellas at the news stands on Broadway are much cheaper than the bookstore one you’ll eventually lose just the same.
  2. Learn the lyrics to school songs
  3. G(tb)^2

Any regrets? Not being better friends with my freshman year roommate.  Storing my stuff in 125th street and thinking it was a good idea to blue bin everything back to Woodbridge. Not going to the beach in the summer.  Not asking for help those times that I needed it.  Bakon Vodka.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Jose, you're an awesome Racquet Ball nemesis. Stay bawse!

  2. Anonymous  

    for never failing to say hey while passing by me on campus - cheers jose. best of luck to you and your family!

  3. Johnson  

    Jose is one of the best people I've ever met. G(tb)^2 indeed.

  4. Bree

    The best fake boyfriend a girl could ever have! Jose you warm the cockles of my sandy heart.

  5. Anonymous  

    Jose you are awesome!!

    loved your respose to “Back in my day…” :)

  6. Anonymous  

    hey band nerds, what does G(tb)^2 mean?

  7. most def  

    the best answer to the oral sex and cheese questions so far.

  8. Hayley

    So happy I had the chance to get to know Jose. Love you buddy! gtbtb

  9. Anonymous  

    we will play racquetball again someday!!

  10. Anonymous

    Jose is a great guy! He will be missed next year.

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous  

    Wait, that's exactly what I was planning to do for summer storage (125th St, blue bin, Woodbridge).

    • hmm  

      I stored my stuff with Jose that summer. Blue binning the stuff back is definitely possible, but if you're trying to do it by yourself, the hill up Broadway is killer. Protip--if you get a U-haul cargo van from the U-haul at 126th, it'll probably cost you less than $30, total; if you have more than one person's stuff to haul, it's totally worth it.

  13. Anonymous

    For the 2010 academic year, the student body at Stuyvesant High School was approximately 72.05% Asian and 23.55% Caucasian, 1.21% African American and 2.43% Hispanic.

    With an overall admit rate of 3%, Stuyvesant High School is widely regarded as the most competitive public High School in the country.

    *Nota bene: Stuyvesant admissions are based on merit only as opposed to affirmative action

    • Anonymous

      Thank God I went to a school with diversity.

    • CC and Stuyvesant grad  

      I'm not sure why this post is getting downvotes. It contains nothing but true, straightforward facts. Maybe people don't like what they decide those facts may imply, but downvoting them isn't going to make them any less true. Quick, let's try to hide all the facts and statistics we don't like -- maybe if we do a good enough job they'll go away!

      • It's getting downvotes...  

        ...because of irrelevance? Jose is listed as from Texas, so presumably he did not attend Stuy. I'm guessing this is a passive aggressive implication that he does not deserve to be here? Because he's Latino, he must be less accomplished and unworthy of a Columbia education? That's fucking racist bullshit.

  14. Anonymous

    He also has a hot ass in them jeans.

  15. Anonymous

    More SEAS seniors, Bwog. Please?

  16. Impressed  

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to have dinner with you.


    Fellow Woodbridge Resident

  17. Meko

    Jose, Jose Jose Jose~ so impressed by your persistance and endurance, with which you can do everything. feel so happy that I got to know you and G(tb)^2 ed with the CUMB. Bakon Vodka, lol

  18. THE MAN  

    "I also organized a performance for a party attended by LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Jay-Z"......A sentence like this should never be preceded by 'also,' it's way too freakin awesome!!!

  19. Jackie  

    A very very worthy senior wisdom! Lots of love, Jose. Thanks for everything :)


  20. Shaterra  

    The classiest of lads and truly one of the nicest people I've ever met. Go get 'em Jose! Thanks for all the hugs.


  21. Anonymous  

    Jose, if you see this call me ;)
    I'd love to be the Mrs to your Delgado

  22. Anonymous

    You're awesome :)

  23. Anonymous

    I wanna be inside you, homes.

  24. Roar-ee

    Hey Mister,

    Congrats on graduating! I'm glad we got to share some "special" moments in Woodbridge. Yeah, you know what I'm talking bout.

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