WBAR-B-Q is Here!

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Update: Peace Food is catering some “FANCY FANCY” vegan food, and more will be arriving at 4:30. A peek at the happy concertgoers is below.

WBAR’s annual day-long free concert is happening now! This year, acts include DâM-FunK, Widowspeak, and Bush Tetras, among many others. There will be joy and music and free BBQ from 2 to 7 pm on Lehman Lawn at Barnard, and then the festivities will continue in the Diana Center Event Oval from 7 to 10. Translation: it’s time to stop pretending you’re actually going to write your term paper today and go out and play before the semester’s over.


Soaking up the sounds

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    wow this was sick

  2. I thought

    Barnard doesn't have a campus...

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