Bwoglines: The End is Nigh Edition

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When Bwog Heard There Would Be No Happy Hour

It’s the last day of classes and as much you’d like to convince yourself that you’re going to start studying for finals, there is drinking to be done. Live it up while you can as some sketchy Department of Health reports indicate that there may no longer be Happy Hour in our big and bright futures. (Gawker)

You might as well forget about doing your homework while you’re at it. It seems that your Wikipedia and YouTube knowledge makes you quite the expert. (The Atlantic)

If enough SEAS students do well in their Computer Science courses, it might mean the end of Bwog as you know it. (Wired)

The days of New York’s iconic yellow cabs will soon disappear as a new taxi, fueled by Bloomberg’s love of wordplay, rolls up onto Upper Manhattan’s mean streets. (The Village Voice)

Looks like with the new U.S. All Star Federation’s “etiquette guidelines,” nerds do get the last laugh after all and cheerleaders lose their number one asset: spirit fingers. Bring it On Part V? (Slate)

Night at The Heights via MoviesPad


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