PrezBo Hits it Big

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A photograph of PrezBo’s face lands itself on Wikipedia’s homepage as the featured picture of the day. He appears pensive and distinguished—concerned about the Core, financial aid, and diversity all at once—while his coif remains perfectly intact. Ain’t he a beaut?

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  1. yo!  

    this obsession with prezbo is ridiculous.

    • Agreeing

      Particularly since the man hasn't even been able to bring himself to apologize for screwing up GS Class Day. The diversity of the GS Class of 2012 isn't the "right" sort of diversity, I guess. Stay classy, sir.

  2. Offensive

    His Wikipedia entry mentions absolutely nothing about his hair. I'm flagging it.

  3. Haha  

    Now I have a PrezBoner...

  4. This made me laugh.  

    I love you, Bwog!

  5. haha  

    hilarious! esp "behind blue eyes"

  6. Anonymous  

    it's his birrrthhdayyyy

  7. Anonymous  

    Prezbo article again? This is getting PrezBoring

  8. i noticed that  

    the picture from the day immediately before is of a warthog.

  9. Anonymous  


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