Bwoglines: The End is Nigh Edition

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This is how Bwog feels about graduation

Graduation is fast approaching, and this guy¬†thinks you should try to snag a Phi Beta Kappa before it’s too late. (WSJ)

Despite the May Day demonstrations (and celebrity appearances) yesterday, some think Occupy Wall Street is losing steam. (Village Voice, NY Mag)

A foreign policy spokesman for the Romney ended his involvement with the campaign yesterday, after conservatives decried him as too gay to resist the siren song of marriage equality. (Washington Post)

Your final may not be that big of a deal anyway, according to the fifteen percent of people who think think the world is ending any minute now. (Reuters)

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  1. cc'12

    That first WSJ article made me feel a lot better about my life choices

    • Anonymous

      that article is bizarre. It really seems to me that he's just talking about himself, and encouraging others to be like him. he praises fraternities and the school newspaper? According to his wikipedia page, he himself was in a frat, and worked for a number of newspapers after college - during college too, I bet. The rest are mostly either personal anecdotes about his success (#2, #4, the introduction) that aren't obviously generalizable, or platitudes of precisely the sort one is likely to hear in a graduation speech (#3, #8, #9 - cf Steve Jobs, #10). #7 just sounds like he's bitter, and #6 is a quirk that I'll admit is interesting advice, if not very profound.

  2. Anonymous

    Greatness a matter of luck? Do nothing will increase one's odds?

    Doesn't seem to be working for the once great WSJ.

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